Microneedling Just Got an Upgrade: Introducing Aquagold

Microneedling Just Got an Upgrade: Introducing Aquagold | RefinedMD

Microneedling Just Got an Upgrade: Introducing Aquagold

Microneedling has been around for well over 100 years. Maybe you’ve tried it, liked it, or felt it just didn’t give you that wow factor you were looking for. A lot of clients at RefinedMD enjoy microneedling because it uses your body’s own healing powers to kick-start collagen production exactly where you want it. It’s a great add-on treatment to pretty much any procedure, and a lot of people stick to their monthly appointments to sustain results. However, if you like microneedling but wish it did more, your wish has been granted—introducing microneedling with Aquagold.

Aquagold Fine Touch is the latest micro-channeling tool that, just like your beloved microneedling, requires no downtime. It features 24 karat gold needles that are so tiny they are barely visible to the naked eye. Smaller than a hair follicle, Aquagold needles can deliver custom-selected products such as fillers and retinols into the skin rather than just on it. That’s right, it combines all the original benefits of microneedling with the luxe capability of delivering products exactly where they’re needed.

The Aquagold Difference

Aquagold inherently treats everything that microneedling does including lines and wrinkles, scarring, poor elasticity, and lost facial volume. The difference is that the original microneedling works by stimulating collagen production—it doesn’t actually deliver anything onto or into the skin. A lot of clients loved to follow up their microneedling appointment with a facial or medical-grade skin care product application. This is because the original microneedling did open up channels in the skin, priming the skin for products—after all, what better time than when you have microchannels in your skin is there for some great products? Aquagold simply combines these two approaches.

Aquagold equips the needles with the capability of being the delivery agents of products you love. Plus, it actually gets those products where they really need to be. Sure, putting medical-grade products onto the skin right after an old-school microneedling session is better than nothing, but what if those products were actually reaching where they should? In short, Aquagold microneedling is the next level in microneedling. If you already like the results you get with microneedling, you’re going to love Aquagold. And if you haven’t tried microneedling before, you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to experience a pure gold experience.

What to Expect with Aquagold

Every Aquagold experience is totally customized. It still stimulates collagen production to tighten and thicken lax, aging skin so that lines are smoothed. It’s also an antioxidant with natural hydrating properties. These results won’t be immediate, just like with the original microneedling treatment. You’re putting your body to work, and it needs a little time. However, what you infuse Aquagold with can be seen right away or very soon after the treatment. It all depends on your customized approach and what you choose.

For example, many people opt to put Dysport in small amounts right under the skin’s surface. It’s not near a muscle here so it doesn’t have Botox-like effects. However, it does reduce pore size as well as redness, making it a great option for those with rosacea or acne. This natural muscle relaxant gives a gentle smooth appearance to the skin. If you do want to treat wrinkles more aggressively during Aquagold, there’s always Restylane. This dermal filler will increase skin suppleness.

Your Aquagold Experience

Most clients get the best results with a three-treatment series of Aquagold spaced about one month apart. You’ll start to see results after approximately one month. If you add a laser treatment onto your appointment or other complementary procedure, you can amp up the results even more! Ideal candidates for Aquagold are those looking for a more youthful, softer appearance but who aren’t interested in dramatic changes. Of course, you can also add Aquagold onto more aggressive procedures for even more stunning results.

If you’d like to learn more about Aquagold, including all of your options for customizations, book a consultation with RefinedMD today. Considering how gentle Aquagold microneedling is, you can also just book an appointment right away. Call the office or fill out the online form and get ready to take your microneedling to unprecedented levels.