Don’t Miss Out on August Specials

August Specials | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Don’t Miss Out on August Specials

Summer is creeping to a close, but that doesn’t mean all the hot weather deals are over. RefinedMD has you covered with three unbeatable August deals, but you’ll want to book your appointment fast. These specials are sure to “filler” up!

Bank Your Filler

Maybe you’ve already fallen in love with hyaluronic acid or Radiesse fillers. If you haven’t, you will soon! This August, you can “bank” your fillers by taking advantage of great prices now and using your fillers as you like with no expiration dates. As a bonus, you’ll also get complimentary Dysport units. We have a few options to choose from:

  • Get 4 syringes plus one Dysport area (60 Dysport units) for $2,500. That’s an $800 savings.
  • Get 6 syringes plus two Dysport areas (120 Dysport units) for $3,500 and save $1,600 instantly.


Emsculpt and Radiesse for a Full-Body Effect

It’s not too late to get that summer body. If you’re struggling to fill out your swimsuit bottom, or you just can’t get the sculpted thighs to match, don’t worry. Emsculpt forces the glutes or thighs into 1,200 supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes without you having to break a sweat. That’s like doing 1,200 lunges.

Of course, getting those gains is just part of the formula. Radiesse is a filler that can also help with dimpling and skin laxity. Get 4 Emsculpt sessions plus 4 Radiesse treatments for $5,000 and save $1,000 in total. Choose from one area for Emsculpt, either the glutes or thighs.

Take Advantage of August Specials at RefinedMD Today!

Transition into autumn looking and feeling your best—and with a thicker wallet. Contact RefinedMD today and take advantage of these August deals.