Avoid Injuries Caused with Improper Lifting Form with Emsculpt

Avoid Injuries Caused with Improper Lifting Form with Emsculpt

Avoid Injuries Caused with Improper Lifting Form with Emsculpt

Improper weightlifting technique or form is a leading cause of injuries. At RefinedMD, clients can enjoy the equivalent of 20,000 sets of lunges, squats, or situps without breaking a sweat or risking injury. Emsculpt is an innovative technology that forces supramaximal contractions of targeted muscles in a quick 3o-minute session. It perfectly mimics what happens to the muscle in a good weightlifting session and condenses the results in a lightning-fast “lunch-hour procedure.”

Strong Muscles Prevent Injury

Weight training is key to both men and women toning and increasing the size of specific muscles. The glutes and abs are two of the most commonly desired areas for both men and women to have toned. Traditionally, this would require countless sets of strength-training exercises. Particularly for the glutes, many of these exercises can be dangerous with poor form. All it takes is one wrong move with a deadlift to cause sometimes permanent damage. From a slipped disc to a seriously torn muscle, poor technique can take someone out of the gym for weeks or even months.

Emsculpt offers all the benefits of a lifting session without any of the risks. The non-invasive product is placed over the desired muscles for a concentrated dose of muscle contractions. Whether forcing these contractions in the gym or with Emsculpt, muscle toning is actually the breaking down and rebuilding of muscle. To achieve bigger muscles, or hypertrophy, small and calculated damage to the muscle must occur. When the body heals the muscle, this is when the size increases. It is also why muscles are sore after a workout. Clients can expect to be similarly sore after an Emsculpt session because the two activities are identical when it comes to muscle reactions.

Emsculpt Consultation at RefinedMD

If you have struggled to achieve a six pack or higher, want a shapelier derriere, or would like to increase glute size without also increasing leg size (impossible in a gym setting), Emsculpt might be the answer. However, bear in mind that toned muscles only “show” when accompanied by healthy body fat. Contact RefinedMD today at (408) 688-2082 to schedule a consultation for both Emsculpt and non-invasive body fat loss procedures.