The BEST Skin Tightening Procedure Just Debuted

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The BEST Skin Tightening Procedure Just Debuted

When it comes to buying a new phone, would you choose a model that was five years old? Probably not—and that’s why RefinedMD is committed to keeping up with the latest technology. Old tech might have been revolutionary at the time, but advances are always being made, and that’s true of skin tightening procedures, too. Thermage has always been a leader when it comes to younger looking skin, and their Thermage FLX is the latest addition, offering stunning results in just one session.

Thermage FLX is everything you love about the brand, kicked up a notch. It combines speed with easy-to-use technology, utilizing radiofrequency to make skin instantly tauter and brighter. However, it’s still gentle enough to be used on sensitive areas like the eyelids. Unlike other skin tightening treatments, all you need is one session for remarkable results.

The very first generation of Thermage technology was uncomfortable according to some patients. In rare cases, it led to fat atrophy. A reputable dermatology clinic will keep an eye on case studies and findings to ensure that only the safest products are used. RefinedMD is proud to offer the vastly improved Thermage FLX with FDA approval for treating the face and body. It can even temporarily improve cellulite appearance, making it perfect for a spring treatment.

Currently, Thermage FLX is the only radiofrequency treatment that offers results in a single session. It’s also the first to feature a tightening solution via dermal tissue heating and cross-polarization. Thanks to a reverse thermal treatment facet, the radiofrequency energy is evenly distributed to the target area. This results in a kind of “stamping” delivery instead of a linear delivery. It keeps skin cool while simultaneously ensuring a deeper penetration to the subcutaneous (deepest level of fat) area.

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Thermage has been committed to building the best in skin tightening tech since 2007. The vibration was added in 2009, and now with Thermage FLX, the treatment time has been trimmed by 33 percent. It’s just 20 minutes for eyelids and an hour for the face and neck. Try it out for yourself and schedule an appointment with RefinedMD today.