Body Sculpting Treatments

Body Sculpting Treatments | RefinedMD, Los Gatos, CA

Body Sculpting Treatments

We can proudly announce that when it comes to reducing body fat, eliminating cellulite, taking down those double chins, love handles and bringing back that hour glass figure for ladies or the V-shape profile for men, RefinedMD has you covered. We have carefully investigated and adopted the best systems in all the newest technology to address your concerns with optimal results. In a recent article in New Beauty, there was a discussion of the best new technology of 2015, virtually all of these systems were included in that discussion:

COOLSCULPTING: Our most predictable and successful way to treat fat that is diet and exercise resistant and pinchable. Coolsculpting is based on freezing fat and has a history of over 2 million satisfied treatments since its inception. We have three systems at RefinedMD, each with all the applicators, including the new mini so that we can treat all areas with great success. Each treatment lasts one hour. With more than one system we can often treat two areas at the same time. Treatment rooms are spacious, comfortable with TV, WiFi, soft music and even a Perrier or glass of wine to make each visit memorable and convenient.

VANQUISH ME: This new system is based on radiofrequency therapy and is designed to heat fat and skin to a temperature that creates fat cell death and skin tightening as well. Vanquish ME specifically treats circumferential fat and is our go-to device for clients who have firmer, more fibrotic fat and who are looking for that hourglass shape for ladies or V-shape for men. We also will use this for patients who have more robust fat that we cannot yet get into CoolSculpting applicators and who need to reduce the overall amount of fat prior to graduating to CoolSculpting.

THERMI250: Another new technology based on RF technology, to heat smaller, more defined areas of fat where CoolSculpting applicators will not work or where we are trying to smooth and blend down pockets of fat along with some tightening of skin when laxity becomes a problem. This system can be used solely for skin laxity around the eyes, lower face and anywhere on the lower body.

ZIMMER Z-WAVE: A mechano-acoustic system from Germany that is FDA cleared for gradual improvement in cellulite. We use this system uniquely for lumpy bumpy fat as well as to loosen up fibrotic fat prior to a treatment with CoolSculpting. It is used in most cases after CoolSculpting and VanquishME to increase the percentage of fat response in order to give better, smoother results after each treatment.

KYBELLA: An injectable treatment FDA approved for dissolving fat in the submental area. You call it the double chin. We call it submental fullness. For most cases, three treatments will be needed for adequate correct of fullness. Currently, this product is FDA approved for this area alone, but in time we will see it being used ‘off label’ for other areas of fat. Dr. Swengel predicts it will find its way into a treatment of lipomas and small areas of fatty protrusions that are not appropriate for systems discussed above.

CELLFINA: The newest treatment on the market that specifically targets cellulite, the’ dimple curse’ of many women. The dimpling is due to fibrous bands that tether and pull the skin down into the fat layers of the hips, buttocks and upper lateral thighs. By releasing these bands, we can create smoother contour to all your areas of cellulite. One treatment will last several years and this new system of release is not only FDA cleared but in Dr. Swengel’s opinion the best, bar none of all treatments currently offered for cellulite. Evaluation and treatment can often be done in one day. Minimal downtime after one treatment.

HOW DO I GET STARTED?: The best plan for getting started with sculpting a new you begins with a consultation with our Patient Care Coordinator and our Body Contouring experts. I that first visit, we will assess your needs, take some baseline photos, and discuss what we feel will be the best systems to address your concerns. You may find that several systems will be used in the ultimate treatment to transformation.

IS THERE ANY DOWNTIME? Recovery from all these treatments is easy and very predictable. Actual response to treatment can take up to three months to fully express itself so we do not recommend additional treatments to the same area until your body has had time to process and remove all the fat cells targeted by your specific therapy.

WHAT ARE THE BEST TREATMENTS FOR ME? Optimal treatments are based on a personal evaluation to determine what system or series of systems are best for addressing your particular needs. We strongly recommend a personal evaluation with one of our body sculpting angels where we will assess, photograph, take baseline measurements and finalize a treatment plan.