BTL #Empowerment Bus Tour: COVID-19 Safety Protocols

BTL #Empowerment Bus Tour: COVID-19 Safety Protocols

The #EMpowermentTour is on its way to RefinedMD on August 19!

Your health and safety matters! We are following and monitoring the CDC guidelines closely so you can have an amazing and safe experience.

Here is our commitment to you:

  • Before each stop an ExtraLight UV-C device will be emitted for 15 minutes to kill any traces of COVID-19.
  • Prior to any treatment the devices will be wiped down with 70% alcohol as recommended by the CDC.
  • All operators of devices will wear sanitary gloves and masks which will be disposed of after each treatment.
  • Prior to boarding the coach, all guests will have their temperature taken and be provided with a mask. Failure to wear a mask will result in the inability to enter the coach.
  • The air conditioning system will utilize fresh air, not recycled air.
  • The coach driver’s area will be walled off from the main lobby.
  • No one, including the coach driver and/or BTL personnel is allowed to sleep on the coach.
  • The coach driver has been tested for COVID-19 and will be periodically tested. In the event that the driver contracts COVID-19, he will be replaced.


Find out more about RefinedMD’s COVID-19 safety protocols here.