Clear + Brilliant to Achieve that Unnaturally “Natural” Look

Clear + Brilliant to Achieve that Unnaturally “Natural” Look | RefinedMD

Clear + Brilliant to Achieve that Unnaturally “Natural” Look

Have you always wanted that dewy, perfect natural look—but haven’t been able to achieve it due to skin imperfections? Lasers and light-based therapies can be your secret weapon, especially Clear + Brilliant. It’s suitable for people of all skin types and tones, and is a favorite of A-listers like Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore. Clear + Brilliant can tackle many problems with no downtime, such as removing dark spots, reducing wrinkles, and amping up elasticity. Treatments take less than one hour and you’ll see some improvement right away.

This laser offers gentle resurfacing and has been FDA-approved since 2011. Clear + Brilliant can be helpful at any age, but is especially revered as a pre-juvenation treatment to tackle early signs of aging, poor texture, sun damage, and can even reduce pore size. No wonder it’s one of the most in-demand lasers around the country! It works by making millions of tiny treatment zones in the top layer of skin, which tells collagen to kick-start production while getting rid of dead skin cells. The result? Healthier, glowing, refreshed skin without any recovery time.

The Clear + Brilliant Difference

Clear + Brilliant is different from more aggressive lasers because of that gentle touch. Who says you can’t get quick and comfortable results that are also highly effective? Most people are busy, but Clear + Brilliant can fit into packed schedules without slowing you down. There’s no peeling with Clear + Brilliant, though it’s common to look a little sun-kissed for a day or two after the treatment.

Quite a few Clear + Brilliant fans are in their 20s, committed to keeping their skin youthful for as long as they can. However, it can be suitable for clients of any age. It’s especially revered by those with more melanin who might not be matched to other lasers due to risk of hypopigmentation. With this gentle laser, anyone can benefit—and the more you use it with routine appointments, the longer your results will last and the better they’ll be.

Planning Your Laser Sessions

Most clients will see some results after just one treatment, however, most people will need a series to get optimal results. With Clear + Brilliant, you can expect both immediate and progressive results. Tougher concerns, such as lines and wrinkles, will call for more sessions. Your exact number of appointments will depend on your skin and what you want to achieve. On average, clients get the best results in 3 – 6 treatments. Waiting one month between appointments is best to allow for healing.

You’ll also continue to see improvement in the weeks and months after your treatment. Remember, collagen takes time to build. As a form of collagen induction, Clear + Brilliant offers slow and steady results. Collagen is what makes us look youthful, but we make less of it as we age. Clear + Brilliant rewinds the clock, helping you get back the gorgeous glow you’ve lost.

Taking Care of Results

This is a Fraxel laser, so there’s no downtime. Many clients schedule appointments during their lunch break. There’s also minimal aftercare. It’s a good idea to use a cleanser that’s gentle combined with a medical-grade moisturizer (but that’s true for anyone regardless of in-office treatments!). A vitamin C topical can be a great way to boost results as well. We’ll work with you to determine a proper at-home care regimen post-Clear + Brilliant.

Otherwise, avoid exfoliation, topical steroids, and retinoids if you can. All other usual skin care products can be resumed the day after your treatment. However, this is also a time to amp up your sun protection game. Avoid sun exposure for a minimum of 48 hours after any laser treatment, and wear sunscreen and a brimmed hat when you do need to dash outside.

There are many ways you can extend your results—including scheduling maintenance sessions. Clear + Brilliant is often considered a zero-risk laser, meaning there’s no limit on how many sessions you can have per year (assuming you still stick with the month break between appointments). There are also a number of other complementary procedures available as well. To learn more or to schedule your consultation, connect with RefinedMD today by calling the office or filling out the online form.