“CoolMonth” isn’t Over at RefinedMD

“CoolMonth” isn’t Over at RefinedMD | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

“CoolMonth” isn’t Over at RefinedMD

Earlier this year, the makers of CoolSculpting announced the first annual “CoolMonth”—and it took place in April. But don’t worry, every month is CoolMonth at RefinedMD. In fact, this month we’re offering a special where you can buy four CoolSculpting cycles and get four free (plus four CoolTone cycles, too!). That’s a savings of $3,300 and something you don’t want to miss out on. CoolSculpting is the OG of non-invasive body contouring, and was discovered by accident in the 1970s. A lot of research and advancements have come into play since then, and today you can enjoy the latest CoolSculpting technology that freezes away more fat in fewer cycles.

CoolSculpting has always been very popular in treating the stomach area, and according to Allergan Aesthetics (an AbbVie company and the “parent” company of CoolSculpting), 85 percent of people think most about getting rid of stubborn, small pockets of fat in the spring. This is because 92 percent of those surveyed said they could use a little extra help getting summer-ready. CoolSculpting has been, and remains, the most-performed non-surgical treatment for contouring and sculpting on a global scale. It’s FDA-cleared for the abs, flank, bra area, back, below the buttocks, thigh, and upper arms but can also be used off-label just about anywhere on the body. Thanks to the latest handheld devices, even small areas like under the chin can be treated.

A Reputation that Precedes Them

FDA clearance for CoolSculpting has been in effect since 2010, and since that time over 17 million treatments have been performed. AbbVie reports that patient satisfaction averages 89.2 percent, with this vast majority saying they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the results—even after just two visits. However, the best results are usually achieved after 3 – 6 cycles spaced one month apart. According to the Senior Vice President of the company, “The goal of CoolMonth is to help patients achieve their desired outcomes by completing the appropriate number of treatments in their treatment plan.”

So, how many treatments would that mean for you? It depends, and you can find out during a consultation. Bear in mind that CoolSculpting is not a weight loss procedure, even though it works by freezing away and effectively “killing” fat cells. Many clients don’t see the scale budge at all during or after CoolSculpting sessions, especially if they are simultaneously working on building muscle. Instead, progress is gauged on how clothes fit, photos, and measurements.

Why CoolSculpt Now?

Technically, full results from CoolSculpting can take up to six months after your last cycle. However, many patients start to see results before their second cycle. You will be able to show off a more contoured, fit, slimmer you during swimsuit season—and even stave off “winter weight” come the end of the year. There is no ideal time to start CoolSculpting because it’s always the perfect season to put yourself first. CoolSculpting works best for those who are at or near their goal weight, maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen, and simply struggle with some problem areas that won’t budge. It can also work well with other body contouring treatments, like Emsculpt.

There is a limit to how much healthy eating and regular workouts can do. We are all born with a unique number of fat cells and distribution. You can’t target unwanted fat with diet and exercise, but you can with CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting requires no needles and no downtime. Although it can be a somewhat strange sensation for first-timers, it is a comfortable treatment. Most clients look at their phone or even work while undergoing this treatment. Skin may appear a bit pink in the hours following your treatment, but since CoolSculpting is mostly a bodily procedure, that’s easy to cover up until the next day.

Are you interested in learning more about CoolSculpting and how it may help you achieve the results you deserve? Get in touch today for a consultation with one of our skin care experts. We can discuss your overall goals and see if complementary treatments may help you get the results you want faster. Contact us at RefinedMD today by calling the office during business hours or fill out the online contact form for the fastest response.