“Proven Fat Reduction” with CoolSculpting

“Proven Fat Reduction” with CoolSculpting | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

“Proven Fat Reduction” with CoolSculpting

Digital Journal recently provided an overview of CoolSculpting, dubbing it a “proven fat reduction” treatment—even though it’s not technically a weight loss tool. It remains one of the most-requested treatments at RefinedMD, but let’s take a look at its history, efficacy, and what exactly it does. According to the recent article, “fat freezing” via CoolSculpting can “reduce inches when the pounds aren’t coming off.” This is true, but bear in mind that there is a difference between inches and pounds. You might not see the scale move much with CoolSculpting, especially if you’re also working on building muscle (whether at the gym or via Emsculpt NEO), but you will definitely notice a reduction in inches as long as you keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The article, which comes on the heels of winter, points out that this is the season when people tend to pack on the pounds. It can be tough to undergo preferred outdoor exercises, and cozying up with comfort food is the norm. New Year’s resolutions often fail, especially when it comes to losing weight or getting in shape, but even if you are sticking to a new or improved regimen, what if you’re not seeing the results that you want? That’s when CoolSculpting can help.

CoolSculpting Background

CoolSculpting technology was developed by Harvard researchers initially as an alternative to invasive surgeries like liposuction. The science behind CoolSculpting was discovered by mistake 50 years ago (i.e. when it was found that kids who were externally exposed to precise freezing temperatures had less fat in their cheeks). CoolSculpting works by freezing away small amounts of unwanted fat cells. It is a contouring and sculpting treatment, not a weight loss or “fat loss” procedure.

When fat cells are crystallized, they will gradually be disposed of by the body. However, this takes time. On average, CoolSculpting requires 4 – 6 cycles spaced about one month apart. Then, full results will be seen 4 – 6 months after the last cycle. You will see some improvement before then, and it’s a good idea to take progress photos and measurements weekly throughout your CoolSculpting journey. Slow and steady progress is best, but can be hard to see for yourself on a daily basis.

That slow and steady approach is just one of many reasons CoolSculpting may be ideal for those who are at or near goal weight (rather than liposuction). Not only can you avoid needles, surgery, downtime, and side effects related to surgery (such as swelling and bruising), but slow and steady means less of a chance for skin laxity problems. When you lose a lot of weight quickly, whether through an extreme diet or more drastic options like liposuction, your skin may react by sagging or having a crepe-like appearance. This isn’t the case with CoolSculpting.

Is CoolSculpting Your Solution?

Many celebrities who prefer non-invasive solutions have raved about their CoolSculpting results, such as Gretchen Rossi and Molly Sims. Today, CoolSculpting tech can reduce fat cells in treated areas by 24 percent (on average). However, if you’re looking for serious results in time for swimsuit season, you’re going to want to start today. Considering that CoolSculpting takes time, you’ll be able to show off those new curves by the end of summer—but don’t worry. You’ll also show some serious improvement before then, too.

CoolSculpting can be used to treat virtually any part of the body, from large areas like the thighs and abdomen to tiny areas like underneath the chin. It’s safe, comfortable, and quick. This is a lunch hour treatment (though you can book different areas back to back to compound longer sessions) and you can immediately get back to your day without any sign that you’ve had anything “done.” CoolSculpting was designed to fit into even the busiest of lives.

Are you curious if CoolSculpting is for you? Want to combine it with in-office, non-invasive muscle-building treatments like Emsculpt? Let’s design a treatment regimen just for you and your goals. Schedule your consultation with RefinedMD today and get started on the fast track to having your best beach body ever. Get in touch by calling the office during business hours or, for an even quicker response, complete the online contact form right now.