CoolSculpting Study Shows “Significant Improvement” after Multiple Cycles

CoolSculpting Study Shows “Significant Improvement” after Multiple Cycles

CoolSculpting Study Shows “Significant Improvement” after Multiple Cycles

How do you know if a treatment like CoolSculpting actually works? When it has the science to back it up! CoolSculpting has long been one of the most popular treatments at RefinedMD, and now that CoolSculpting Elite is available, demand is through the roof. Elite is different because of the new shape of the handheld tools, which have been shown to freeze away a higher percentage of fat per cycle* (25% compared to around 20%). This also means you will need fewer sessions to reach your goal. However, both CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite are proven to be effective, like demonstrated by a 2021 study aptly titled “Significant improvement in body contour with multiple cycles of CoolSculpting.”

The researchers involved with this prospective study found that those who undergo multiple sessions (or “cycles”) of CoolSculpting can “safely improve overall treatment benefit in body contouring.” They also discovered that patient satisfaction rates were “high.” Ultimately, the authors suggest that this can be an alternative to liposuction in many cases for those who want to avoid surgery.

By the Numbers: CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting Elite works by a method of cryolipolysis, which requires a controlled cooling to achieve local, targeted fat reduction. The researchers wanted to see if treating the same area numerous times would lead to an improvement in body contour. This is nothing revolutionary—CoolSculpting providers have long known that multiple sessions are needed for optimal results. However, for this study, adults underwent 4 CoolSculpting sessions of the same body part, with each cycle spaced 4 weeks apart. In some cases, an additional 4 cycles were recommended. Participants were followed up for 12 weeks after their last cycle. These numbers are in keeping with what is the norm at RefinedMD, with most clients needing 4 – 6 cycles per site for the best results.

In total, 28 people participated. The mean age was 51.6. There was not a single adverse effect reported. When the researchers undertook a systematic review of 19 case reports and studies on CoolSculpting, they also found a high patient satisfaction rating with side effects that, when present, were mild and temporary (redness can be common since freezing temperatures are required for cryolipolysis).

What CoolSculpting Elite Means for You

If you’ve had CoolSculpting before and liked the results, just wait until you experience CoolSculpting Elite. Now with a new applicator shape capable of maximizing fat freezing and results, you’ll be able to see progress even faster. That means that if you start your sessions right now, you’ll be able to show off full results by the end of summer vacation (though initial results are often seen just one month after the first treatment). CoolSculpting has been performed millions of times around the globe since the science behind it was discovered in the 1970s. Today, it is the leading tool for non-invasive targeted fat reduction and body contouring.

However, it is important to remember that CoolSculpting is not a weight loss treatment. The numbers on the scale may not budge at all. This is a contouring treatment and best suited for those at or close to their ideal weight. It also does not affect the muscles at all, so if you are interested in a more toned look, combining CoolSculpting Elite with Emsculpt NEO may be your best bet.

Pairing Treatments: Finding Complements

Emsculpt NEO builds and strengthens muscles, and CoolSculpting Elite can remove those fat layers that keep you from showing off your muscles. You can also combine CoolSculpting Elite with body tightening procedures like Thermage FLX or laser skin rejuvenation. Remember that CoolSculpting Elite mostly addresses small amounts of unwanted fat, so those struggling with skin laxity may consider adding a skin tightening treatment to their plan.

Of course, every body is different—so every treatment plan should be, too. If you’re interested in CoolSculpting Elite or other body sculpting treatments, connect with us today. Call RefinedMD right now, or for the quickest response complete the online contact form.