Cosmetic Treatments for Medical Concerns

Cosmetic Treatments for Medical Concerns | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Cosmetic Treatments for Medical Concerns

Is your skin concern medical, cosmetic—or both? Oftentimes, a “skin issue” is actually both medical and cosmetic, and that’s why at RefinedMD we are staffed by both MDs/surgeons like double board-certified Dr. Sudeep Roy as well as a team of leading estheticians. There are over 3,000 diagnosable skin issues, so there is a good chance you are struggling with at least one. Sometimes, both medical and cosmetic treatments are needed to address your particular issue, but sometimes a strictly cosmetic procedure or treatment is best even for a medical issue. Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems and how to handle them.

1. Acne. Acne is by far one of the most common skin issues, and it can last your entire life. It is exacerbated or triggered by hormone fluctuations, which is why it is so common in teens, but of course hormones shift throughout life (think pregnancy and menopause). Acne is so common that it is often dismissed as “no big deal” or even considered a rite of passage. There are many types of acne, ranging from mild whiteheads or blackheads to severe cystic acne. All types of acne can cause scarring, which is permanent if not treated.

Acne may be treated by a combination of medical interference (such as prescription or oral topicals), cosmetic treatments, or both. There are a myriad of options when it comes to cosmetic treatments to address both active acne and scarring or hyperpigmentation left from breakouts. Some of the best cosmetic treatments include laser skin rejuvenation, chemical peels, and microneedling. Oftentimes a combination of these treatments can give you the best results in the quickest manner.

2. Rosacea. Nobody knows what exactly causes rosacea, but it is a chronic disease that can cause severe flushing/blushing, usually along the cheeks and bridge of the nose. If it is not managed, it can even cause a thickening of the nose tissue, which could require serious medical intervention. There is no cure for rosacea, but there are ways to keep it in check. The first step is to identify your triggers with the help of your provider. Common triggers include heat, sweat, alcohol, and spicy food. Triggers can change throughout your life, so make sure you are regularly checking them.

Rosacea can also be minimized and flare-ups soothed via cosmetic treatments like laser or light therapy and facials. There are some lasers (which are available at RefinedMD) that are specifically designed for redness. Routine treatments, usually every 4 – 6 weeks, can drastically reduce rosacea flare-ups. Facials can soothe irritated skin while also helping you look and feel your best.

3. Dull, dry skin. As we head towards autumn, the season for dry, dull skin is upon us. Oftentimes, this can lead to skin feeling tight, itchy, and irritated, too. This type of skin can happen year-round, and often makes you look older than you are since hydrated skin is a sign of youth. Facials and medical-grade skin care products are key for treating this kind of skin. In fact, you should be using medical-grade products no matter your skin type or skin concerns.

Medical-grade products are the only products legally able to contain the best, most effective ingredients in the highest concentrations. Bottles are smaller than what you get at a drugstore because a little really does go a long way. Our skin usually changes with the seasons, so right now is the perfect time to work with a skin care expert and up your at-home regimen. There is no comparing moisturizers and serums that are medical-grade to their OTC “counterparts”—you’ll see serious results in just a couple of weeks with the medical-grade options.

Taking Care of Your Skin

A combination of in-office treatments and the right at-home medical-grade products selected just for you is the strategy you deserve to tackle skin woes and love the skin you’re in. We’re here to help. Connect with RefinedMD today by calling the office, or simply complete the online form for the fastest response.