Cosmo Calls Clear + Brilliant the “Perfect Treatment for Laser Newbs”

Cosmo Calls Clear + Brilliant the “Perfect Treatment for Laser Newbs”

Cosmo Calls Clear + Brilliant the “Perfect Treatment for Laser Newbs”

If you’re new to laser skin rejuvenation, perhaps researching your first treatment, it’s common to be overwhelmed by all the lasers out there—we get it, there are a LOT! RefinedMD is actually home to one of the largest laser suites in the region, and that’s because we’re committed to carrying the best, safest, most effective lasers (and other treatments) for all skin types and needs. This commitment requires having quite a few lasers, but there’s one that’s been standing out above the rest recently: Clear + Brilliant. Here’s why.

Clear + Brilliant works on all skin tones and types. Unlike some Fraxel lasers, if you’re a melanin queen or king, Clear + Brilliant is still for you! Plus, it’s a very gentle laser, with little to no downtime required. In fact, it’s so gentle that it’s a leading recommended laser for “pre-juvenation.” Younger clients are taking better care of their skin than their parents did, and that means preventing damage before it starts rather than treating it.

The Nuts and Bolts of C + B

This laser uses a fractional laser technology that creates a bevy of tiny thermal injuries. In response, your skin’s natural healing process kicks in. This leads to a flood of collagen and elastin, which are the proteins that make skin smooth and baby-soft to begin with. In time, this protein-rich skin will replace the damaged skin. You can use Clear + Brilliant on the face, chest, and neck. It’s renowned for smoothing texture, fine lines, and even reduces the appearance of pore size.

Got acne marks, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage? Clear + Brilliant can tackle that, too! All of the early signs of aging can be minimized and in some cases reversed with this laser. However, since this laser has such a soft touch, it’s not a one-and-done treatment (though it can be if you have a special event). Most clients enjoy the results of clearer, softer skin for 2 – 3 weeks after their treatment, and an extra glow for up to three months. Exact results vary because there are so many factors determining the final look, like your age, condition of your skin, and post-treatment care. Pro tip: using only medical-grade products at home that are hand-picked for you can drastically extend the results of any treatment.

However, to really get and keep those results, routine treatments are necessary. Think of it like microneedling, and you can actually combine microneedling treatments with Clear + Brilliant treatments. Many clients opt for renewing sessions every 4 – 6 weeks so they can be pampered and keep the results they love.

Getting Skin that’s Clear + Brilliant

Still, keep in mind that you’ll see that first glow after just one treatment. Four to six treatments about one month apart is the average number to achieve optimal results. Just like many other treatments, multiple sessions are often best. The results of this treatment are cumulative because it’s ultimately a resurfacing tool. It’s going to take some time for the “old” skin to slough away and be replaced with younger-looking skin.

So, what can you expect during your treatment? Your skin will be cleansed and a numbing cream can be applied for optimal comfort. Next, the cream is wiped away and the laser makes multiple passes over the treatment site, which can feel warm and tingly but not painful. A calming solution is immediately applied to reduce redness and amp up comfort.

Clear + Brilliant Prep and Care

You will need a little prep before your session. This will include avoiding the sun as best you can for 14 days before (and after) the treatment, and you’ll need to stop using retinol products for five days before your appointment. Those using Accutane are not good candidates unless they have stopped treatment for at least six months. Skin with open wounds should be fully healed before any Clear + Brilliant treatment can take place.

After your treatment, continue to avoid the sun and make sure you wear medical-grade sunscreen whenever you are exposed to UV rays. Ice packs can help with pinkness and any swelling. Check with your provider about returning to topical treatments (this is a great time to upgrade your skin care regimen, too). To learn more about Clear + Brilliant and other treatments, contact RefinedMD today by phone or via the online contact form.