What is LaseMD? The Answer to Brighter Skin

What is LaseMD? The Answer to Brighter Skin | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

What is LaseMD? The Answer to Brighter Skin

At RefinedMD, we are committed to providing clients with all of the best treatments and technologies, which is why we are home to one of the largest laser suites in the area. However, with so many lasers, we understand that it can be overwhelming. Which one is right for you? Does your skin tone work better with a particular laser? Is it better to stick with one laser or mix them up? There’s no singular best answer, which is why complimentary consultations are available on select treatments. However, prior to starting any laser regimen, we’ll work with you to determine your skin needs and goals so that you’re matched with the best laser (or lasers) for you.

Still, some lasers typically are more popular than others. These are often the safest, most effective lasers that lead to the most stunning outcomes. One of the most in-demand lasers for years has been LaseMD. This is a gentle yet effective non-ablative laser that can target the water molecules in the skin. One of the best parts of LaseMD is that it can be individualized for every client. Some people might be looking for a light resurfacing to amp up that glow prior to a special event. In this case, LaseMD can be modified to be gentle enough that zero downtime is required—in fact, some patients book a light LaseMD appointment the morning of a big event. Others might be more interested in a deeper treatment to tackle fine lines, mild to moderate sun damage, and hyperpigmentation. No matter what you have in mind for your laser outcome, LaseMD can be the perfect addition to your current skin care regimen—or take it to the next level.

What You Can Expect with LaseMD

The benefits of LaseMD are many! You will experience a brighter skin tone and improved skin texture regardless of your customization settings. Fine lines can be reduced as well as unwanted pigment. Minimize or even remove age spots, sun spots, freckles, and actinic keratoses. Sun damage can take decades to appear, and LaseMD is capable of reducing signs of sun damage that have been marring your skin for years. It’s also an excellent choice for décolleté care, with a touch that’s soft enough to handle this delicate area.

Once you’ve been matched with a laser, one of the first questions most clients have is if it will be painful. LaseMD is one of the gentler lasers on the market, and you will feel heat or a tingling sensation as the hand tool is passed over the skin. Exactly how many passes and treatments are needed will depend on numerous factors. Most LaseMD sessions last just 5 – 20 minutes. Customization will also play a role. Light or mild treatments are very tolerable. However, for those who want a more aggressive outcome, a numbing cream applied 30 – 45 minutes prior to the treatment can ensure maximum comfort.

Following treatment, you will see some redness. This will naturally subside within 24 hours and is not severe enough to hinder daily activities in most cases. Clients are able to wear makeup the day after their treatment. Some people experience dryness and flaking in the days following the procedure, but a medical-grade LaseMD cream applied throughout the day can minimize this. When the skin is healing, sloughing may occur. During this time, you’ll be able to see brighter, softer, more youthful skin below the surface. Healing times vary, but typically last 1 – 6 days. Your optimal results will appear 2 – 5 days post-treatment. For those who use LaseMD routinely, there will be a decreased healing time after your first treatment as your skin gets used to this regimen.

Planning Your LaseMD

“Downtime” is a bit subjective, and every client will see some initial redness. However, the vast majority of people report that they get right back to their day—even if they have a more aggressive treatment. When you fall in love with LaseMD and start getting monthly treatments (as many do!), you’ll see quicker results as the treatment complements any skin care routine.

Talk with an expert today about all of your options for laser skin rejuvenation, including LaseMD. It can be a great tool to kickstart a renewed skin care regimen, finally get rid of the issues that you can’t help but notice on all those Zoom calls, and make your skin as healthy as possible. Connect with RefinedMD today by giving us a call or completing the online contact form.