Diamonds are a Sun Worshipper’s Best Friend

Diamonds are a Sun Worshipper’s Best Friend | RefinedMD

Diamonds are a Sun Worshipper’s Best Friend

Sun damage is tricky—that initial burn (and if you’re lucky, tan) is just the first sign. At RefinedMD, we work with clients who are struggling with signs of sun damage that have appeared years and even decades after the initial UV damage event. The reality is that sun damage presents in many ways, from a smattering of hyperpigmentation to early lines and wrinkles. That’s why we offer just as many options for removing and reversing signs of sun damage as there are types of damage themselves, starting with DiamondGlow.

DiamondGlow takes the concept of a HydraFacial to the next level using a real diamond tip. The famed three-step process offers cleansing, exfoliation, and infusion of medical-grade topical products in a 30-minute luxury session. DiamondGlow tackles much more than sun damage, rejuvenating the skin with no downtime and with instant results that keep getting better in the days following the treatment. Equal parts gentle and effective, DiamondGlow is a favorite routine treatment for clients who want to get (and keep!) gorgeous skin.

Taking Sun Damage Treatment to the Next Level

With so many types of sun damage, all with varying degrees of stubbornness, you need treatment options. That’s why we offer all of the best options, from microneedling to BBL and Halo laser treatments. We’ll work with you to create a custom package based on your needs and goals. Sun damage can make you look older than you are, but the right treatment approach can quickly turn back the clock and give you supple, clear skin that restores a youthful glow.

Even if you have a solid sun protection regimen now, you might be noticing signs of sun damage from your more carefree teen years. However, most people can still improve how they protect their skin. Medical-grade skin care products have higher quality ingredients in stronger concentrations that allow you to really tackle sun damage and every other skin concern you might have. These products should only be purchased from providers like dermatology offices and your unique regimen should typically evolve every few months. If you can’t recall the last time an esthetician recommended an individualized skin care regimen for you, now is the time to take that at-home care to the next level.

Combining Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology

Nobody likes the look of sun damage, which is why our cosmetics dermatology team offers all of the best options for undoing this common damage. However, there are even more sinister sides of sun damage that should not be ignored. Skin cancer is highly prevalent, but also very easy to treat when caught early. Everyone, regardless of sun exposure history or skin tone, should schedule an annual “skin check” to make sure sun damage hasn’t progressed to cancer or pre-cancer.

Combining medical dermatology, such as skin checks, with cosmetic dermatology is the fastest and easiest way to achieve your best skin health. At RefinedMD, we offer both types of dermatological care for your convenience. Plus, if you are one of the many people who do need to have a spot excised, cosmetic dermatology can help with this facet of sun damage, too! The right laser, microneedling, and other treatments can dramatically reduce the appearance of scarring from any trauma including mole biopsies and skin cancer treatment.

 Start Erasing Signs of Sun Damage Today

Many people notice more sun damage in the summer months as they slip into vacation mode. Are you ready to finally vanquish that hyperpigmentation spot, unwanted lines and wrinkles, and get back to loving the skin you’re in? Let’s work together to develop the perfect sun damage reversal plan for you. We have lasers that work with every skin tone and type, and our skin care experts will devise the ultimate combination of treatments to quickly get you the results you want—just in time for those late summer getaway plans.

A lot of treatments offer fast results with little to no downtime. We love a gentle approach (like DiamondGlow!) that still packs plenty of punch. Let’s connect and start discussing your needs, goals, and how to get these results. Plus, if you haven’t scheduled a skin check since the COVID-19 pandemic began, now is the time to do so! We are fully reopened and practicing all the recommended safety measures for your peace of mind. Contact RefinedMD today by completing the online form or call (408) 688-2082.