Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO Give You Options for Building Muscle

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Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO Give You Options for Building Muscle

“Strong is the new skinny” might be over-used, but the sentiment remains genuine. That’s why RefinedMD offers Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO, two revolutionary treatments that actually build muscle without you needing to lift a finger. However, there’s a big difference between these two technologies and a good reason why we offer both. Emsculpt strictly builds muscle, but Emsculpt NEO builds muscle while also blasting fat.

Most people want to both build muscle and reduce unwanted fat, which is why Emsculpt NEO is the more popular option. It creates muscle mass in the same way the original Emsculpt does, with the added perk of reducing targeted fat at the treatment site. Emsculpt technologies can be used just about anywhere on the body including the glutes, thighs, stomach, and upper arms—everywhere you want more defined muscles. These are also areas where a lot of people would like to reduce fat, but that isn’t always the case. Let’s take a look at why some clients prefer Emsculpt (at least for some of their treatment sites).

The Upside of Emsculpt

As we said, the original Emsculpt only builds muscle and sometimes that’s exactly what clients want. A prime example? Those who want a bigger behind. This is most often true of women (but not always), and at RefinedMD we recommend Emsculpt to a LOT of women seeking a shapelier and larger derriere. This often translates into wanting to build muscle in this area while also keeping any fat that might be there. There are certainly some clients who are happy with doing away with backside fat, but given the recent trend of larger back ends, we simply don’t see that as often.

On the other hand, clients who want to Emsculpt their abs are usually quick to opt for Emsculpt NEO. The stomach is a very common place for stubborn fat to cling, so opting for Emsculpt NEO to build muscle and destroy fat is the most common choice for the stomach. Every client is different, goals are different, and of course body parts are different, and that’s why we customize every treatment. It’s not uncommon for a client to do back-to-back services with the original Emsculpt on their bum and Emsculpt NEO on their stomach.

How Does Muscle-Building Work with Emsculpt?

Whether you choose Emsculpt NEO or Emsculpt, the muscle-building science is the same. Muscles get bigger (which we might call toned, jacked, or defined) when they are torn in just the right way. Muscles can undergo controlled tears through workouts like strength training exercises. These little tears heal with a good kind of scar tissue so that muscles can withstand that same stress next time. This scar tissue equates to bigger muscles and that look that we love. Of course, a tear that’s too big is painful and not beneficial. It’s risky to strength train in traditional manners, especially without a trainer—but there’s no risk with Emsculpt.

The truth is that your muscles can get those micro-tears via any type of supramaximal contraction, whether it’s while you’re on a weight machine or undergoing Emsculpt. Emsculpt makes your muscles undergo 20,000 of these muscle-building contractions in just 30 minutes. It’s not painful, but it can feel a little strange for first-timers. However, most clients scroll through their phone, work, or text during their session. That’s how comfortable it is.

When Will You See Results?

The muscle-building benefits of Emsculpt and the fat-busting perks of Emsculpt NEO are not immediate. You can’t make your muscles re-build and generate scar tissue faster than they do naturally. Achieving results takes time, with full results typically seen in about six months (though many clients start to see some improvement in just 30 – 60 days). Most clients also need more than one session initially, usually 3 – 4 sessions per site spaced a few weeks apart. Maintenance treatments are then recommended every 6 months on average.

You also won’t see fat-busting results right away, but good things are worth the wait! Emsculpt NEO uses radiofrequency heating that quickly amps up the muscle temperature (akin to a warmup). In under 4 minutes, subcutaneous fat achieves an apoptosis level, the degree where fat is permanently damaged. This unwanted fat is then slowly and naturally removed from the body with an average of 30% reduction according to clinical studies.

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