Emsculpt for a Tighter Tummy in Two Weeks

Emsculpt for a Tighter Tummy in Two Weeks | RefinedMD

Emsculpt for a Tighter Tummy in Two Weeks

The belly is a problem area for most people, and at some point, there’s only so much diet and exercise can do. RefinedMD offers the latest proven technologies for looking and feeling your best—and that includes Emsculpt. This revolutionary technology works by forcing the abs or glutes into 20,000 flawless contractions in just 30 minutes. It’s the equivalent of 20,000 crunches and an absolute must if you’re looking for a shapely stomach.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Emsculpt for delivering those supramaximal contractions to tighten muscles, noting that it led to “improvement of abdominal tone, strengthening of the abdominal muscles, development of firmer abdomen strengthening, toning, and firming of the buttocks.” Emsculpt is entirely non-invasive and lets you skip the crunches. It’s been shown that the procedure can reduce fat cells by up to 29 percent and build muscles by up to 16 percent in only four treatments.

Recently, patient Abigail Coleman decided to try it out. At 57 years old, she’d spent a lifetime trying to achieve desirable abs. She was the ideal patient: already fit and looking for a way to get to the next level of fitness. Before pictures were taken (and are available at New Beauty) and the technician took Coleman through a series of questions to gauge suitability. At a low intensity, Coleman says she felt “twinges” in her belly, which felt a bit strange but wasn’t painful. She was resting on her back while the machine did the work of forcing muscle movement for her.

Electromagnetic energy was used to contract the abs at various intervals. Sometimes the muscles were held in contraction for six seconds, and other times there was a tapping to release lactic acid. This helps to prevent soreness, but do expect to feel like you had a workout. After all, your body will have completed 20,000 crunches. After four treatments in two weeks, which is the recommended amount for some patients, Coleman says there was no pain but she was sore “in a good way.” She’s excited about her next rounds of treatment and noticed a “big difference” in tone and fat reduction.

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