Facial Plastic Surgeon vs. “Regular” Plastic Surgeon

Facial Plastic Surgeon vs. “Regular” Plastic Surgeon | RefinedMD

Facial Plastic Surgeon vs. “Regular” Plastic Surgeon

In the world of plastic surgery, there are all kinds of specialties—including facial plastic surgery. RefinedMD is home to the renowned facial plastic surgeon in San Jose Dr. Sudeep Roy, who is an expert in helping you achieve the symmetry and aesthetics you want in all areas of the face. All facial plastic surgeons are “plastic surgeons,” but not all plastic surgeons are facial plastic surgeons. It can be a little confusing! However, if you’re considering a procedure like facelift, eyelid surgery, or a brow lift, you don’t want anyone except a surgeon who has dedicated years to additional facial training and experience to help you achieve your goals.

There is a big difference in training between plastic surgery and facial plastic surgery. A facial plastic surgeon’s original training is in otolaryngology, which is a focus on ear, nose, and throat surgery (ENT). Once board-certified in this specialty, they continue their education with a special fellowship which ends with yet another board certification. Only then are these specialists certified in facial plastic surgery. Usually, “regular” plastic surgeons have an initial background in general surgery, followed by a few years of training in general plastic surgery.

What Makes a Facial Plastic Surgeon Unique?

If you’ve seen “regular” plastic surgeons who perform bodily procedures like a tummy tuck also offer facial plastic surgery like a facelift, that’s common—but might not be the best fit for someone looking for a facial procedure. Remember that the original training (face vs. general) can make a big difference. Do you want a surgeon who’s never specialized in facial surgery, either during original training or a fellowship, taking care of your eyelid surgery? Probably not.

Only a facial plastic surgeon is equipped to handle the very difficult and unique facial surgical needs. There are numerous delicate areas of the face including nasal passages and the areas around the eyes. Patients who have done their homework understand that a facial plastic surgeon is the only plastic surgeon with several years of training specifically focused on the face.

Think of it like choosing any other expert (except the stakes are much higher!). Anyone with curly hair knows the importance of seeking out a stylist who is experienced with curls. Would you want to risk going to a stylist who mostly cuts stick-straight hair? It’s a gamble—but hair grows back.

Understanding the Benefits of a Facial Plastic Surgeon

Whether you’re consulting with a facial plastic surgeon or general plastic surgeon, they probably have a strong academic background and you know they’ve undergone medical school, a residency, and continuing training. Both facial plastic surgery and general plastic surgery are extremely competitive residencies, which is a great start to ensure fine technical skills and a strong aesthetic sensibility, but it’s just a start.

However, keep in mind that if you choose a general plastic surgeon, he or she may have been in a residency program where there was little emphasis on the anatomy of the face or facial surgery. The process of learning technical skills while in surgery takes time, study, and practice. More so than other parts of the body, the face requires a surgeon to have a three-dimensional approach. Consider the “nose jobs” (rhinoplasty) of even A-list celebrities and you can see how challenging the concepts of facial plastic surgery can be to learn. Some celebs have all the money in the world, but still have what many consider to be a subpar or even botched rhinoplasty.

Finding the Right Facial Plastic Surgeon

A facial plastic surgeon receives advanced training strictly in facial procedures during their residency and fellowship training. Technically, facial plastic surgery is a sub-specialty according to the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Medical Association. However, your gut will also tell you a lot. When you’re consulting with facial plastic surgeons, write down all the questions you have and pore over the in-office before/after gallery. Listen to your inner voice and you’ll be led to the right facial plastic surgeon to meet your needs.

RefinedMD is proud to offer stunning, natural-looking facial plastic surgery results from the highly-qualified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Roy. Schedule your consultation at RefinedMD today by calling (408) 688-2082.