Facelift Patient 18

Facelift Patient 18

This 49-year-old female came in to see Dr. Sudeep Roy for surgical options to rejuvenate her lower face and neck. She started noticing early signs of sagging and laxity in the jowl and neck area and wanted to explore treatments that could definitively correct these issues long-term without an abrupt and noticeable change.


She had heard about Dr. Roy’s expertise in the mini-facelift from a friend and after doing extensive research, came in for a consultation to meet him. One of the main factors influencing her to move forward with surgery, she later recalls, was the instant connection and feeling of trustworthiness she received from Dr. Roy and his whole team. Her results are self-evident, a beautifully contoured and rejuvenated jawline and neck that have shaved years off her face! We could not be happier with this result!


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