Facelift Patient 17

Facelift Patient 17

This is a 62-year-old male, and our very own practice administrator, who was predominantly concerned with heavy jowling, a disappearing jawline, and significant neck skin laxity. Having tried everything from heat-based skin tightening treatments to collagen-stimulating injectables and threads, he achieved what he could with non-surgical treatments and was finally ready to address the sagging tissues more definitively with surgery.


He underwent a full lower facelift with platysmal skin tightening as well as upper blepharoplasty to correct some asymmetry in the upper eyelid region. As you can see, we have restored a youthful appearance to the whole lower face, bringing him back 20+ years. He looks incredible, and his exterior better reflects his energetic, larger-than-life interior! These results are really only achievable with a full lower facelift, and should lay to rest concerns from male patients worried about scarring or visible signs of having surgery done!


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