Facelift Patient 21

Facelift Patient 21

This 57-year-old female with a history of both a neck lift and mini facelift elsewhere presented with concerns related to lower facial and neck skin laxity as well as profound volume loss despite long-standing use of collagen stimulating injectables. Being in front of people all the time because of her job, she was tired of the way her face appeared and felt like this was holding her back from achieving her own, full potential.


After a consultation with Dr. Sudeep Roy, and a discussion of reasonable expectations from revision surgery, she opted to move forward with a full lower facelift, lower blepharoplasty, and fat transfer. Postoperatively, the lack of crepey neck skin and a smoother lower face and jawline was well worth it! She is beyond happy with what was able to be achieved and is currently in our signature post-facelift maintenance program coordinated by Drs. Swengel and Yeh!


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