Facelift Patient 22

Facelift Patient 22

This 61-year-old female presented for concerns related to significant lower face and neck laxity, which in her words, she simply had to do something about. Although she came in to find out more about less invasive options as she was not mentally prepared to undergo “her mother’s full lower facelift”, she had some underwhelming results with skin tightening technologies and lasers and was particularly impressed with Dr. Sudeep Roy’s mini-facelift gallery on the website.


She was curious and definitely interested to learn more as she wanted real results that would last, but was also very cautious about downtime. After speaking to Dr. Roy and getting in touch with some of his other patients who also underwent a mini-facelift in the past, she decided to trust the team and move forward with the limited incision lower facelift, submental Renuvion skin tightening, and upper blepharoplasty. Her results turned out spectacular and just as expected!


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