Facelift Patient 25

Facelift Patient 25

This 52-year-old female came in to discuss concerns she had with aging changes in the lower face and neck region. She was particularly not fond of the heaviness in her jowls and her ill-defined neck contour from the side. Having tried minimally invasive procedures with limited results, she wanted a more definitive treatment that would also last many years.


After a consultation with Dr. Sudeep Roy, a unique surgical plan was prepared to combine a mini-facelift with limited submental (i.e. under the chin) liposuction and Renuvion (J-plasma) skin tightening. This is her only 6 weeks after surgery looking much more youthful, contoured and smooth! She is loving her results and is now doing a great job with maintenance through recommended medical-grade skin care and biannual minimally invasive skin tightening treatments.


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