Rhinoplasty Patient 7

Rhinoplasty Patient 7

This 23-year-old female presented for cosmetic rhinoplasty to address concerns about a droopy tip, especially with smiling and a small dorsal hump that she felt was particularly noticeable in photos. The patient also had significant breathing issues ever since she was a child. She recently got engaged and wanted to address her concerns before her wedding day photos! Her biggest concern was that the nose still looks natural, fits her face, and preserves her identity.


After meeting double board certified Dr. Sudeep Roy, and performing computerized simulations of the proposed treatment, she was reassured about her decision to move forward. Here she is three months after surgery with a more balanced nose that fits her face perfectly. She loves taking pictures from the side now with a big smile, knowing that she finally has the nose she’s always imagined she could have!


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