Rhinoplasty Patient 8

Rhinoplasty Patient 8

This 20-year-old female presented for a rhinoplasty consult to help address her concerns with the external appearance of her nose. She had wanted to get a rhinoplasty done for many years but wanted to save up and do it right when she could. Having seen multiple surgeons, she loved the natural results she saw with double board certified Dr. Sudeep Roy‘s previous patients and was excited about the 3D simulation that was performed in her consultation. She was mostly concerned with the roundedness of her nose and how her tip would droop significantly whenever she smiled. She also had a slight tilt of her nose to the right and a mildly prominent dorsal hump. Above all else, she really wanted a more feminine appearing nose.


The patient underwent an open rhinoplasty with Dr. Roy and did amazingly in her post-operative recovery! We are so happy to share her incredible results, which she said she hoped would inspire others to decide to move forward to get their dream nose!


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