Get ELITE Status with the Latest CoolSculpting Technology

Get ELITE Status with the Latest CoolSculpting Technology | RefinedMD

Get ELITE Status with the Latest CoolSculpting Technology

You either know and love CoolSculpting or you have a friend who has raved about it. CoolSculpting has been around for decades, and the technology behind this beloved device is rooted in an accidental 1970s discovery involving Popsicles. It has long been one of the most requested procedures at RefinedMD, and with good reason! CoolSculpting contours and sculpts the body by freezing away fat without needles or downtime. It can be used virtually anywhere on the body, from large areas like the abs to tiny spots like below the chin, freezing away 18 – 20 percent of unwanted fat with each session. How could it get any better? By going Elite.

The makers of CoolSculpting have been improving the device for years, routinely upgrading options such as offering new modalities to treat new areas. However, the latest addition to the CoolSculpting family takes your preferred treatment to the next level. Just like its predecessor, it is FDA cleared to reduce unwanted fat cells but with improved applicators that are now C-shaped instead of U-shaped. They are currently available in seven unique shapes and sizes to better fit the natural curves of the body. This means not just a more comfortable treatment, but one that is more efficient, too.

What You Get with CoolSculpting Elite

Since the Elite applicators have a better contact with the surface of the skin, the results are quicker and better. In fact, CoolSculpting Elite averages a reduction of 20 – 25% fat reduction per visit compared to the original CoolSculpting. This can mean fewer treatments to get desired results for many clients. These applicators cover an average of 18% more skin surface than the OG CoolSculpting, so larger areas like the flanks are treated quicker. Plus, these devices can use two applicators at once, dubbed Dual CoolSculpting. The CoolSculpting Elite machines can treat two totally different areas simultaneously, saving you time.

As a bonus, this technology is also quieter. CoolSculpting treatments have always been considered easy and comfortable by clients, though it can be a strange sensation for first-timers. The targeted area does still need to be isolated in a bit of a vacuum, which can feel like a pulling sensation while freezing technology “kills” fat cells. However, if you’ve had CoolSculpting before and wished the treatment was just a little more Zen (and less a throwback to when your parents bugged you as a kid by running the vacuum while you tried to watch your shows), CoolSculpting Elite makes this happen. Go ahead and catch up on your series or write your emails without the buzz of the original CoolSculpting in your ear when you go Elite.

What’s Cooler than Being Cool?

Ice cold—according to OutKast and CoolSculpting. If you’ve always wanted to try freezing away fat but have been on the fence, CoolSculpting Elite is the upgrade you’ve been waiting for. Both the original CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite cause no skin damage and have been cleared for use in over 80 countries. In fact, the CoolSculpting tech is the most extensively studied body sculpting technology available. Using cryolipolysis, you can freeze away fat cells that will never return*.

Still, it’s not an alternative to a healthy diet and exercise. Actually, the best candidates for CoolSculpting Elite are already in shape but need a little extra help with problem areas. This is a contouring and sculpting procedure, not a weight loss treatment. CoolSculpting Elite can help you personalize your results, making it a great complement to a workout regimen. After all, you can’t spot reduce in the gym—but you certainly can with CoolSculpting Elite. This tech always pairs perfectly with skin tightening procedures such as laser skin rejuvenation or chemical peels, and it’s so gentle that you can often undergo multiple procedures during one appointment to save you time. Find out for yourself why celebs have loved CoolSculpting for years, from Jennifer Anniston to Amy Schumer.

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