How Emface Dominates Over Facial Yoga

How Emface Dominates Over Facial Yoga | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

How Emface Dominates Over Facial Yoga

Most people have heard of “face yoga,” which is basically strengthening the facial muscles with exercises to achieve a more lifted, youthful appearance. Emface works with the same approach, but does all the work for you—and at RefinedMD, we’re proud to be the first in the South Bay area to offer the latest technology from BTL. These are the same makers of Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO, the body contouring and sculpting non-invasive technologies that build muscles by forcing them into 20,000 supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes. Emface works in the same capacity, but is designed with facial muscles in mind. Only muscles in charge of lifting and youth-ifying the face are targeted by this treatment.

Just like with Emsculpt, the sensation can be a bit strange the first time, but it’s not painful or uncomfortable. In fact, many clients livestream their procedure, check email, or catch up on shows during their treatment. The exact number of cycles you will need will be determined on your skin and goals, but typically 3 – 6 initial sessions spaced one month apart are recommended. Maintenance sessions are usually scheduled every six months.

What to Expect with Emface

Just like building muscle mass at the gym, you’re not going to see immediate results with Emface. Muscle-building and toning takes time. However, most people start to see results within one month of the first treatment. You can expect to see full results 4 – 6 months after the final treatment. It can be difficult to track progress with this slow and steady approach, so photos are essential to fully enjoying the Emface journey.

The science behind all BTL technologies is solid, with findings published in 40+ peer-reviewed journals. Your face has a lot of muscles and, understandably, some of them are charged with lifting up the face. Others draw it down (and we definitely don’t want to further strengthen those). Muscles get “toned” or stronger and bigger when they are worked out. There are certain kinds of contractions that grow muscles, and your body doesn’t care if these contractions happen at the gym, through manual labor, via yoga—or with BTL technologies. The response is going to be the same. Muscles get bigger and stronger because they must be prepared to withstand a similar or stronger force in the future.

Lifting Without Surgery

Emface is an excellent option for clients of every age. It can be a pre-juvenation method for those in their 30s or even 20s. More seasoned clients can also enjoy benefits, but bear in mind that there is a limit to what any non- or minimally-invasive procedure can do. There may come a time when, in order to get the results you want, surgery such as a facelift or mini lift will be necessary. However, until then, Emface can help you achieve beautiful results naturally with no downtime or incisions.

Of course, face yoga can also be helpful, but there are potential issues with it. First, you need to make sure you’re doing it correctly, and this can be challenging even if you’re working with a yoga teacher. It can be impossible to isolate muscles, especially facial muscles, so you may also mistakenly strengthen muscles that drag down the face. Of course, you also need regular practice to get results. This often means a daily face yoga routine that can be very difficult to keep up with. Ultimately, Emface is just faster and more effective.

Getting Ready for BTL

There’s no prep work necessary for any BTL treatment! Simply show up to your appointment slot, sit back, relax, and let the technology take over. No systemic side effects have been reported with BTL tech and, given how it works, there is little chance of pinkness to be present after your treatment. Do remember that Emface is working out muscles, so feeling a little sore (DOMS) in the days following the treatment is normal. However, this usually isn’t enough to get in the way of daily living. Instead, it’s a sign that Emface is working.

Are you ready to tone and lift without needles or a recovery period? Learn more about Emface and book your consultation or appointment today. Call RefinedMD during business hours or complete the online contact form right now.