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Well + Good Reviews Emface | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Well + Good Reviews Emface

Emface is one of the latest technologies from BTL, the company that brought you (and us!) Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO. All three of these treatments are available at RefinedMD and work by toning muscles so that you get results from the inside out. Emsculpt was the OG of BTL technologies and works by making targeted muscles perform 20,000 supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes. It’s equivalent to doing 20,000 lunges, curls, or another strength-training move—but all you have to do is sit back and relax. Emsculpt NEO stepped it up a notch by combining the tech of Emsculpt with additional fat-melting functions so that you can build muscle and burn fat at the same time. It’s ideal for places like the abs. But what about Emface?

It works very similarly to Emsculpt, but is designed to specifically target pre-determined facial muscles that are responsible for lifting and tightening. The face has a lot of muscles, but just like the rest of our body they become weaker with age. If you’ve ever heard of face yoga—or seen the results—you know just how powerful focusing on specific facial muscles can be for turning back the clock. However, face yoga, just like any type of yoga, is going to require precision and regular practice to get and maintain those results. Emface does all the work for you, and perfectly, so you can reap all the benefits without the time and effort necessary when opting for a DIY approach.

A Review of Emface

Understandably, a lot of beauty gurus were quick to try out Emface when it debuted. The idea that you could get results without a needle was tempting for many. Elizabeth Michaelson Monaghan underwent and reviewed Emface for Well + Good, sharing her experience with the muscle-toning technology. She has, of course, tried other non- and minimally-invasive treatments, including peels, injectables, and radiofrequency treatments, but was curious how BTL’s high-intensity focused electrical stimulation (HIFES™) tech would compare. Like Emsculpt, Emface uses a combination of energies (HIFES™ and radiofrequency) to tighten the face and brow. It’s like thousands of small reps at the gym—but for your face.

No discomfort, no downtime, and no invasive procedures make BTL options a gamechanger. Monaghan says, “I’d heard good things about Emface from a few editor friends who had given the service a try and reported that it offered more dramatic results than sculpting with standard radiofrequency treatments or injectables.” Emface targets just the “levator” muscles of the face, which pull up just about everything you want from the cheekbone area to the jawline and forehead. It’s all about focusing on muscles that lift the face up and leaving muscles that are meant to pull the face down alone.

A First-Hand Experience

Radiofrequency warms up the targeted muscle, which kick-starts collagen production. Collagen can reduce wrinkles, poor texture, and general signs of aging. During an Emface treatment, pads are attached to the face and are then connected to a grounding pad that facilitates radiofrequency. Monaghan describes the sensation as a gentle twitching which lasts for 20 minutes. The electrical stimulation is actively pulling the levator muscles up and releasing during this time. Simultaneously, radiofrequency is working deep inside the dermis to encourage collagen production. Both HIFES™ and radiofrequency do not provide immediate results. It takes time for muscles to get stronger and it requires patience for collagen production to yield results. But don’t worry. Rest assured that during and in the weeks following your Emface sessions, your body is hard at work restoring its youthfulness from the inside.

Emface is the only tool available that works by strengthening facial muscles. Botox, for example, addresses the muscles too, but in a different way. It weakens and paralyzes muscles that cause lines and wrinkles. You can use Botox and Emface at the same time, but only with the help of a skin care expert. After all, you don’t want to necessarily paralyze muscles that you’re strengthening with Emface. We can work together to determine a treatment regimen that works for you and your goals.

For Monaghan, she says her skin was ultimately sculpted and elevated following her sessions. She underwent four total sessions spaced one week apart and is looking forward to her maintenance session(s) in a few months. She still loves her injectables, but considers Emface a complement to these treatments. To find out more about Emface and other BTL technologies, contact RefinedMD today by giving us a call or completing the online contact form.