Cosmopolitan Tried Out Emface

Cosmopolitan Tried Out Emface | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Cosmopolitan Tried Out Emface

If you know Emsculpt, the revolutionary body sculpting non-invasive technology, then you know Emface—it’s from the same company and adopts the same approach, but it is designed for the face. Now available at RefinedMD, Emface is an option that requires no needles and no downtime for those wanting to lift, tone, and tighten their face. Cosmopolitan journalist Lauren Balsamo tried it out earlier this year, saying that one of the biggest perks of being a beauty editor is getting to try out the latest non-invasive treatments—and was thrilled when she got the opportunity to get an Emface treatment.

Balsamo notes that her dermatologist friends were already calling it a game changer, particularly for those who want to avoid needles and get an all-natural result. Now, four months after her treatment, Balsamo says she’s seeing the full Emface results. Similar to Emsculpt, Emface uses a hybrid high-intensity facial electrical stimulation (HIFES) approach combined with radiofrequency energy to increase muscle density in the face while encouraging collagen and elastin production. Right now, it’s the only available solution that tackles the two biggest causes of aging on the face: loss of collagen and muscle tone loss.

The Science Behind Emface

HIFES works by forcing targeted muscles in the cheeks and forehead into contraction via an electromagnetic current. This results in lifted facial tissue, though it does take time (remember that both muscle strengthening and collagen production are not immediate). The radiofrequency heats up the skin to a precise temperature needed to stimulate collagen synthesis. Collagen and elastin are the two primary proteins that make our skin soft and plump, but we naturally make less of them as we age.

There are many benefits to Emface. It can help restore volume, provides lift, and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles (since plumper skin is going to inherently be smoother). It works by toning the underlying facial muscles so that you get a look that is tighter and refreshed over time. As an added bonus, Emface will also provide a light lift to the brows and help cheekbones appear more prominent—these were the two benefits that Balsamo enjoyed the most after her treatment.

Emface vs. Botox

Some people wonder which they should get, Emface or Botox, but these two actually work quite well together because they take completely different approaches to anti-aging. Botox has long been the gold standard in reducing lines and wrinkles, even giving a little lift to the brow area. It provides a filler-like effect that can be optimized by combining these two treatments. Of course, you can also opt for dermal fillers as well—our clinic has a wide range of the leading hyaluronic fillers. A combination of all three—Emface, Botox, and fillers—can give you a completely customized treatment plan.

According to Balsamo, who has tried all three, Emface can produce similar results to a hybrid Botox/filler plan, but “it’s significantly more subtle.” For her, Botox completely gets rid of forehead lines while Emface softens them. She has tried fillers in her cheeks, which she describes as a more “voluminous” outcome while Emface helped them look more “lifted.” Of course, both Botox and fillers require needles, so if someone is trying to avoid this aspect of anti-aging, Emface is a fantastic alternative. For Balsamo, when comparing treatments, she says, “Personally, I prefer the results from Emface—it looks less puffy than fillers.”

Patience is a Virtue

However, filler results are immediate and you can start to see Botox results in about one week. Emface results take longer (i.e. a few months). Muscle building and collagen production is a marathon, not a sprint, but the good news is that the results can also last a lengthy period. You will also need multiple treatments for optimum results. For Balsamo, she didn’t start to see improvement until the third treatment, and the results kept improving over time. On average, results from Emface peak at three months after the last session. Most clients require four sessions spaced 1 – 2 weeks apart.

The treatment itself doesn’t take long, about 25 minutes on average. Prep time is minimal, with your provider cleaning the area so the grounding pads stick well to the skin. The procedure is pain-free, though the sensation can be a bit strange the first time.

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