Is Kybella the Solution for Your Double Chin?

Is Kybella the Solution for Your Double Chin?

Are you embarrassed by a double chin, saggy chin, or excessive fullness below the chin? Kybella is the only treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specifically to treat submental fullness and it’s available at RefinedMD. It can be a frustrating issue for women and men of all ages, including those who are at a healthy weight. However, with age submental fullness can tend to become more prominent, making clients look older and heavier than they are. A strong jawline is desirable for both men and women, and can be the finishing touch on an attractive profile.

Fat beneath the chin, or submental fullness, can be impossible to address with diet and exercise alone. Both genetics and aging play a factor. Every person is born with a unique fat cell distribution, and some simply have more fat in this troublesome area. The double chin can occur even in healthy children, but often gets more prominent with age or weight gain.

Kybella is injected directly into the target area to destroy fat cells. When fat cells are destroyed, they can never return. Losing weight reduces the size of fat cells, but you cannot target fat loss sites through diet and exercise. For many clients, Kybella is the only non-surgical option for double chin reduction. There is no downtime for this non-invasive procedure, no anesthesia required, and no cutting or scarring. Since Kybella removes fat for good, future treatments will not be necessary unless significant weight gain occurs.


Kybella uses a synthetic active ingredient called deoxycholic acid for double chin destruction. This acid occurs naturally within bodily molecules and is key in breaking down fat and allowing the body to organically absorb and remove it. The acid used in Kybella is non-human and non-animal. When the acid is concentrated and injected directly into the fatty area, a noticeable reduction occurs immediately. Multiple sessions may be required to achieve your optimal results, and full results may take a few days or weeks to be seen.

Kybella can only be injected by qualified professionals. Small amounts of Kybella are administered at the appointment. Each appointment takes less than 20 minutes, making Kybella an ideal lunch hour session. The number of injections you will need depends on the amount of under-chin fat and your ideal profile. Kybella treatments are scheduled in monthly intervals, and no person receives more than six sessions (the average number of sessions).


Some mild injection-related side effects can occur with Kybella. Swelling, temporary numbness, and bruising can occur immediately after treatment. However, given the location of the injection, it is easy to hide these mild side effects. In rare cases, more serious side effects can occur including soreness, muscular weakness, difficulty swallowing, necrosis, and an uneven smile. Severe side effects require immediate medical attention.


Many people with a double chin will benefit from Kybella treatments, but not everyone is a good candidate. You may need to wait for treatments or opt for an alternative if you have, or plan to have, surgery on your face or neck. Those with certain or recent cosmetic treatments to the face, neck, and chin may not be good candidates, and it is important to be transparent about medical treatments during Kybella consultations.

Some medical conditions render a client unfit for Kybella. Those with certain bleeding disorders or who have trouble swallowing may also be referred to alternative treatments. Women who are pregnant or plan to be pregnant may want to avoid Kybella, since it is unknown if or how Kybella affects fetuses. Women who are breastfeeding or taking certain medications, particularly blood thinners, may need to wait for treatment.


Total costs will depend on the number of injections, but there are ways to save on Kybella treatments. The procedure is part of the Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program, the same program that allows clients to save on Botox injections. Sign up for free and receive bonus points and discounts on an array of treatments, including Kybella.


RefinedMD offers Kybella treatments. If you’ve been depending on scarves to hide your double chin this winter, relief is available. Call RefinedMD or complete the online form to schedule your Kybella consultation and get on the fast track to a leaner, more prominent chin profile.