Marie Claire Busts ThermageFLX Myths

Marie Claire Busts ThermageFLX Myths

ThermageFLX might seem like a new technology, but it has been around for years (previously under the iteration Thermage). It is quickly becoming one of the most popular procedures at RefinedMD for those who want serious lift and tightening without the inconvenience of surgery. However, there are also a lot of myths and misinformation about ThermageFLX floating around online, and recently Marie Claire decided to tackle some of them straight-on.

First, let’s go over some ThermageFLX basics. It uses radiofrequency energy, or RF, to rev up the body’s natural collagen production which is a must for younger-looking skin. In other words, ThermageFLX youth-ifies from the inside out using the body’s organic process whereas invasive options like a facelift remove excess skin and do not address collagen production at all. There have been over 3.3 million Thermage procedures performed around the globe since it debuted in 2002 as well as more than 50 clinical studies undertaken. In short, you can trust that it’s effective and safe for those who want to tighten, contour, and lift.

Thermage Mis-Truths

For some reason, a lot of people mistakenly think ThermageFLX removes fat. This simply isn’t the truth because it is strictly a collagen-induction therapy. However, for those who are already slim, tightening the skin can make it appear like fat has also dissipated. This is because loose, sagging skin can be confused for “fat” in some cases. If you do want to address a little extra padding as well as loose skin, you can pair ThermageFLX with fat-targeting treatments like Emsculpt (which is also non-invasive).

There is also the idea that ThermageFLX is painful, but bear in mind that everyone is different. The latest Thermage technology was specifically designed to be more tolerable—so if you or someone you know underwent the older Thermage procedure, know that ThermageFLX has been modified for more comfort. In fact, in old Thermage studies it was reported that 45 percent of patients found it “too painful” while just five percent report the same with ThermageFLX. Plus, with the latest version of ThermageFLX, 94 percent of people said that the results met their expectations. A numbing cream is also applied to the treatment area and left on for around 45 minutes prior to the procedure to further increase comfort.

What to Know About ThermageFLX

Most people describe ThermageFLX as feeling like a brief heating application, which then shifts to the next spot. The tech uses Comfort Plus Technology, which includes a vibration to distract patients during treatment. It also has AccuREP so that energy is delivered in a more precise strategy and in just the right “doses.” There is a flash of heat when the device tip initially touches the skin, which is immediately followed by a cooling relief (which both protects the skin and reduces discomfort).

ThermageFLX is also customizable and your provider can adjust levels to suit your needs. You will be routinely asked for feedback on the heat level so that comfort is optimized. This is important considering most sessions take 25 – 90 minutes depending on the areas being treated. Post-treatment, sometimes skin is a little red (sometimes not), but that quickly goes away. You can get right back to your activities with no downtime.

A Hot About Face

Finally, many people think ThermageFLX is just for the face and while the face is very popular, you can get ThermageFLX treatments anywhere! The neck, chest, stomach, arms, legs, and booty are all fantastic places to get tighter, more youthful skin. After all, we have collagen everywhere, so collagen induction can be used anywhere. You will see some subtle results immediately, but improvements continue for up to six months because collagen production takes time.

We also offer Ultherapy, which works in a similar manner to ThermageFLX but uses ultrasound energy for skin tightening. Many patients try both to see which one resonates with them or opt for Ultherapy once per year and ThermageFLX twice per year. Why not double down on your anti-aging regimen? To find out more about these treatments as well as complementary procedures like Emsculpt, CoolSculpting, and Emface, schedule a consultation with RefinedMD today. Give us a call during business hours or complete the online form right now.