MediSpa or Dermatologist Office?

MediSpa or Dermatologist? | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

MediSpa or Dermatologist Office?

When you need a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing and more, should you trust a MediSpa or dermatologist? The answer is both—and that’s exactly what RefinedMD offers. We specialize in a wide range of MediSpa treatments and have the latest, most effective tools and products like Thermage FLX and HALO treatments. However, not all MediSpas are created equally. If a so-called MediSpa isn’t also a dermatology office, then there are no actual skin doctors on-site. That can be dangerous, especially for more aggressive treatments.

Aestheticians who work in a MediSpa that is owned by dermatologists have increased knowledge, skills, and practices that can’t be guaranteed at other MediSpas. Plus, you can combine a number of appointment types when you’re seeing a MediSpa aesthetician and a dermatologist. For instance, why not take care of that annual mole check before your laser skin resurfacing?

A lot of people think of just two things when they hear dermatology clinic: acne treatments and skin cancer. Just as many people have limited knowledge of what a proper MediSpa should include. There’s a lot more to it than facials. A MediSpa that’s also a dermatological clinic can offer a number of treatments like SmartGraft for hair restoration to dermal fillers specifically for lesser-known areas like the tops of the hands.

No matter what type of treatment you’d like, it’s important only to trust the best dermatological experts for your needs. This guarantees the best results and peace of mind knowing that a dermatologist has approved and selected the MediSpa’s available treatments.

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Always be certain to prioritize your health and making sure you feel your best. MediSpas should be clinics that put your well-being first. They are medical spaces with plenty of luxuries and pampering, providing options for skin health and betterment. Don’t settle for less than a dermatological-grade MediSpa. You and your skin deserve the best in products, care, and treatment. To learn more about the MediSpa treatments available at RefinedMD, connect with us today.