Microneedling is the Ultimate 100% All-Natural Aesthetic Treatment

Microneedling is the Ultimate Aesthetic Treatment | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Microneedling is the Ultimate 100% All-Natural Aesthetic Treatment

You’ll find a number of effective and safe aesthetic services that make use of ingredients that naturally occur in the body, but microneedling remains the top treatment that works 100% with the healing powers your body already has. It’s the most popular add-on treatment at RefinedMD, and also a favorite standalone treatment. Microneedling is subtle, comfortable, requires no downtime, and really works.

Microneedling is just what it sounds like. A skin care expert uses a medical-grade roller device that is only available to professionals to create tiny micro-punctures in the skin. If you’ve seen “dermarollers” available online or in stores, they are not the same thing. Only experts like those at dermatology clinics have legal access to professional-grade microneedling devices featuring needles at the correct widths and lengths. You should only ever trust your health and skin to professional microneedling services, otherwise you can risk wasting time and money with home products at best or seriously damaging your skin at worst.

How Microneedling Works

Those tiny micro-injuries aren’t painful and they aren’t open sores. In fact, you can’t see them at all. Most people describe microneedling sessions as feeling like a light abrasion, somewhat like fine sandpaper across the face. It doesn’t feel like much, but microneedling is actually doing quite a lot for your skin. When your skin, the biggest organ you have, experiences an injury of any size it immediately tells the body to start producing collagen in that location. This is the magic of microneedling. You can actually dictate where and when collagen production occurs.

Collagen is the natural secret ingredient to beautiful, healthy, youthful skin. We have a lot of it when we’re young but produce less as we age. Microneedling corrects this and forces the body to produce collagen exactly where you want it. However, this also means that results aren’t immediate. It takes time for the body to produce this collagen. Most people see results from microneedling a few weeks after their treatment. It’s also very common to consider microneedling an ongoing maintenance treatment that requires sessions every few weeks or months.

Microneedling Preps the Body

Encouraging targeted collagen production is just one benefit of microneedling. It also prepares the skin to better receive customized serums and topical additives. Your skin is somewhat porous, but buildup from pollution, oil secretion, makeup, and more all create a barrier on the skin’s surface. This makes it tough for any topical treatment to do its job. The tiny holes created by microneedling allow serums personalized to you to be better received by your skin. This means better results. Ultimately, microneedling can be a fantastic tool to maximize the results of other aaesthetic treatments.

Which serums and topical treatments are best paired with microneedling? That depends on you, your skin, and what you want to achieve. The recommended approach is to work with your aesthetician to determine your goals. You can pair microneedling sessions with professional-grade topical treatments and additives for an indulgent treatment that’s designed just for you. It’s always best to opt for aaesthetic treatments that complement microneedling during the same appointment so that the micro-injuries are as “fresh” as possible.

Microneedling for Life

Microneedling is one of the most subtle treatment options, but it packs a big punch. Most clients consider microneedling a special treat every few weeks and use it to refresh their skin and keep the collagen production going. You won’t see huge results immediately after the treatment because that’s not how the body organically works. This is also why microneedling is so often considered an add-on to supplement more immediate and aggressive treatments. Whether you’re looking for a subtle boost to your youthfulness or to optimize other treatments, microneedling might be for you.

With microneedling, we can truly turn back the clock. This treatment tells your body that it needs collagen and exactly where to synthesize it. There’s nothing like depending on your own body to get the look and health you want. Find out more about microneedling or schedule a consultation or appointment at RefinedMD by calling (408) 688-2082.