Muscle or Low Fat: Which is More Important for Health?

Muscle or Low Fat: Which is More Important for Health?

Muscle or Low Fat: Which is More Important for Health?

Sure, having toned, strong muscles and low body fat makes you look good—but these two factors are also critical for well-being, especially as you get older. RefinedMD offers Emsculpt NEO to help you set a strong foundation, take your fitness to the next level, or push past plateaus. After all, good muscle definition and low body fat are attractive because they are indicative of good health. However, which is more important? For gym-goers, they often focus on either building muscle or reducing fat, sometimes switching between the two. In reality, both are critical for your health and a long life.

Sarcopenia, or age-related muscle loss, begins around 30 and gets worse with every decade. Ideally, every 20-something has built up the ideal amount of muscle for them so that they can counteract the upcoming sarcopenia. If that didn’t happen for you, no worries (it doesn’t happen for a lot of people!). You can still build muscle when you’re 30+, but it is often tougher to do because you’re fighting sarcopenia at the same time. But why is muscle so important?

Muscles protect you. When you become elderly, muscles can be critical for activities of daily living (ADL). They are required for doing seemingly basic things, such as getting up off of the floor, going up and down stairs, and generally being independent. They are also a safeguard against increasingly brittle bones. Simply put, if you have weak muscles when you enter your golden years, you’re going to really struggle enjoying your life and maintaining independence.

What About Body Fat?

Fat in itself isn’t a negative or dangerous thing. Everyone has and needs some levels of fat, some more than others (women typically carry more fat than men, and this is a healthy thing). However, as we know, too much fat can lead to a myriad of diseases and disabilities. Obesity or simply being overweight has been linked to nearly every major disease including strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes. There are, of course, also mental and emotional effects related to carrying too much weight, and societal “standards” don’t help most of the time, either.

Some fat is better (and worse) than others. Numerous studies have shown that carrying excess fat in the belly is the worst. However, you probably also know that you can’t “spot reduce,” at least through diet and exercise alone. When you lose fat at the gym or by counting calories, fat cells shrink where they will and you have no say in the matter. Yes, most people at a healthy weight have relatively low belly fat, but everyone is unique.

Enter Emsculpt NEO

There is only so much diet and exercise can do—especially when it comes to building muscle. “Gains” require immense time and effort, and come at a high risk if you achieve it through workouts at the gym. Emsculpt NEO is the revolutionary technology that makes targeted muscles perform 20,000 supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes. That’s the same as doing 20,000 lunges, squats, crunches, curls, or another strength-training move, but with no effort on your part, no sweat, and no gym risks.

Emsculpt NEO also has radiofrequency elements that literally dissolve small amounts of targeted fat at the same time muscles are being built. This is not a “weight loss” procedure, but rather a means of helping to sculpt and contour those at or near their goal weight. It actually lets YOU decide where you want fat reduced so that you can tackle that dangerous, visceral fat and show off those muscles at the same time.

Emsculpt NEO is built on science, providing you a means of taking your health (and aesthetic) to the next level. Most clients require 4 – 6 initial sessions spaced about one month apart, and you can undergo back-to-back appointments if you want to address more than one area. Following your initial series, maintenance sessions every six months help you maintain those results. Keep in mind that Emsculpt NEO isn’t a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise, but a complement to it. To find out more about Emsculpt NEO and schedule your consultation or appointment, contact RefinedMD today via phone or complete the online contact form now.