Nail Your Angles with Jawline Dermal Fillers

Nail Your Angles with Jawline Dermal Fillers | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Nail Your Angles with Jawline Dermal Fillers

There’s only so much that angles and filters can do to get a jawline like Ariana Grande and other celebrities. RefinedMD offers dermal fillers for every part of the face, including the jawline. Fillers are no longer relegated to just the lips. In fact, dermal fillers along the jawline are one of the trendiest, most in-demand treatments whether you have a “weak” jaw that needs correcting or simply want to really make that jawline pop.

A strong jawline with a crisp line is indicative of youth, health, and a slender build. Unfortunately, a lot of people have a so-called weak jawline simply due to genetics. There was little that could be done to make jawlines more prominent (sans surgery), until now. Dermal fillers are a fantastic solution no matter what your current jawline situation. Plus, it’s a great way to make those selfies even better on your next night out. As Drake put it, “Gotta hit the club like you hit them angles.”

The Evolution of Dermal Fillers

The vast majority of dermal fillers today are made with hyaluronic acid (HA), a type of protein that your body already produces. HA is relatively quite safe, considering your body won’t consider it a foreign substance. However, it isn’t permanent. HA will naturally dissolve over time. Dermal fillers, including at the jawline, can last an average of 6 – 18 months depending on how many vials are used and the type of dermal filler.

Even within the family of HA fillers, there are a lot of choices! Some dermal fillers were made specifically for the jawline. There are slight differences in HA fillers, such as molecule size, that make them suited for different parts of the body. All HA fillers offer immediate results, though some minor swelling and bruising may occur. If you’re getting fillers for a special event, it’s a good idea to schedule your appointment for fillers about one week prior.

Beyond HA

There are also some dermal fillers that are not made with HA, but instead work slowly but surely to encourage collagen production at the treatment site. These types of fillers are not appropriate for the jawline, and instead are the choice (for some) for the lips. If you want a sharp jawline, HA fillers are the way to go. You’ll get results you love right away, and you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at what a difference a knife-sharp jawline can make.

All dermal fillers have two goals: to help you look and feel your best. Confidence will skyrocket when you love the way you look. Dermal fillers on the jawline are especially good at helping you look years younger. You don’t see many teenagers lacking a decently strong jawline, but a combination of skin laxity and a little extra fat as we get older can make jawlines soften. Turn back the clock and reclaim your self-esteem with a quick and easy appointment that takes less than 30 minutes.

An Overall Facial Rejuvenation

Jawline dermal fillers are part of a total dermal facial rejuvenation to achieve a heart-shaped face. This might not be wanted by everyone, but it’s a reminder that a strong jaw is part of one of the most desired facial shapes. Whether you’re going “full heart” or prefer to simply strengthen the jawline, dermal fillers can give you fast results that last for months. Love your look? Maintenance filler sessions can easily help you sustain that jawline for years to come.

HA fillers can be dissolved, but the vast majority of clients keep their fillers as long as possible. Fillers are considered a minimally invasive procedure with very little risk. You can increase peace of mind, comfort, and positive results by working with an expert injector. At RefinedMD, we have a large suite of dermal filler options and injectors that will give you fantastic results. Connect today by calling the office or complete the online contact form.