What You Need for a Natural Looking Lip Augmentation

What You Need for a Natural Looking Lip Augmentation | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

What You Need for a Natural Looking Lip Augmentation

If you’ve been scared away by duck lips on your favorite reality TV shows, you’re not alone. RefinedMD has worked with a number of clients who have either had bad experiences with lip augmentation or have put off the treatment due to fear of poor results. However, the right lip filler product combined with the best skills and techniques can offer lip augmentation results that are natural looking and attractive.

You need a lot more than filler injected into the lips to get the best results. First, you need the right filler for your lips and goals. Not all lip fillers are the right match for every person. Plus, different lip fillers are designed for different results and can last a couple of months or up to two years. For most first-timers, it’s a good idea to try a lip filler that’s a little subtler and is temporary so that you can gauge what you think of having plumper lips.

How and where the lip filler is injected also makes a big difference. One of the biggest mistakes subpar aestheticians make is simply injecting the lip filler in one location per lip. This is often what leads to the dreaded duck lip. It cannot re-shape the lip or shift the lip lines. An even distribution of lip filler based on goals, lip shape, and various lip locations is critical for great results.

A good experience should also come with plenty of comfort. Lip injections can be uncomfortable at times, but one of the jobs of a lip filler aesthetician is to explain processes and go above and beyond to increase your comfort. You should also have clear follow-up instructions to know what to expect and how to help maximize your results.

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Lip fillers don’t just add volume to the lips. They can also fill in lip lines for a subtle boost while making lipstick easier to apply. Proper lip fillers should not get in the way of speech or look unnatural. For your lip augmentation consultation, contact RefinedMD today.