New York Times Sums Up Facelift Demands with Sassy Headline

New York Times Sums Up Facelift Demand | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

New York Times Sums Up Facelift Demands with Sassy Headline

On August 13, the New York Times commented on the booming demand for facelifts with the headline “Don’t Like What You See on Zoom? Get a Face-Lift and Join the Crowd.” It’s definitely a sentiment we at RefinedMD agree with (though we’re not so sure about the hyphenated “face-lift” spelling). The reality is that patients around the country have been rushing to clinics for more elective surgery than ever thanks to the lockdown. Part of the reason is that “below the collarbone surgeries” allow for an easy recovery period since meetings are all virtual—but what about facelifts? Let’s get board certified facial surgeon Dr. Sudeep Roy’s thoughts.

Surprisingly, even though everyone is spending a lot of time on video calls these days, facelifts are also trending. The NYT points to the fact that we’re all forced to stare at ourselves on Zoom calls day in and day out, usually in subpar lighting, and we’re seeing ourselves how others see us for the first time. Gone are the days when the only time we saw ourselves was as we got ready in the morning fresh-faced and bushy-tailed. Now we’re seeing all of those lines, wrinkles, sagging, and bags—and doing something about it.

The Era of Bettering Ourselves

It’s no surprise that a lot of non-cosmetic medical clinics have had a major slow down in treatments and procedures that aren’t essential. Of course, our GP’s office is open, but a lot of us have put off medical appointments that aren’t absolutely necessary (such as getting our teeth cleaned right away). However, in the world of cosmetic surgery and aesthetics, business is absolutely booming. It’s the perfect time for “corporeal upgrades” as the NYT puts it, and many doctors around the country are reporting that they’re performing cosmetic surgeries at record numbers. We can definitely attest to that at RefinedMD!

Patients asking for both upper facelifts and lower facelifts almost always state the same thing: “I’ve been doing these Zoom calls and I don’t know what happened but I look terrible.” This shows that no matter how bad the world gets, we all still want to look good and feel good about ourselves. Without pressing travel plans or in-person meetings, why not take advantage of this relative down time to treat yourself?

“Masking” Your Recovery

Many who have had a facelift are surprised at how quick the recovery period is anyway. Most of the bruising and swelling subsides in 2 – 3 weeks. Plus, if you do have to venture out into the real world while you recover, masks are fantastic ways to hide any signs of “getting work done.” With a facelift, it’s pretty easy to cover up any swelling, bruising, and even stitching. What it comes down to is that there probably won’t be a better time to get some cosmetic surgery than right now.

Plastic Surgery by the Numbers

The NYT reports that prior to COVID, less invasive procedures like dermal fillers and Botox injections were trending. That’s partially due to the fact that in the past 20 years the number of injectable treatments has skyrocketed by 878 percent. At the same time, the Plastic Surgeons Society reports that facelift demands have fallen 8 percent since 2000. Now, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery reports that people are once again preferring more invasive procedures. This shows that less invasive procedures like Botox do work to some degree, but patients were previously opting for them over surgery because they simply didn’t have the down time to recover. Now they do. The executive Director of the Academy, Colleen Nolan, says, “Now they realize they can have the procedure and privately experience it.”

Sheer quarantine loneliness has also been a catalyst for some patients to opt for a facelift. Some single patients have realized during lockdown that they would really like to find a partner and have realized that cosmetic surgery can give them the confidence boost to put themselves out there once the pandemic has passed. Others have been working diligently to get in shape while at home and want their face to match their new, taut, toned bodies.

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