No Butts About It! Emsculpt Can Help

No Butts About It! Emsculpt Can Help | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

No Butts About It! Emsculpt Can Help

The trend of the defined, shapely booty is not going anywhere, and now there is Emsculpt to provide the “boost” clients deserve. RefinedMD recently added this revolutionary technology. It works by targeting muscles and causing supramaximal contractions. Emsculpt offers 20,000 contractions in one treatment, which is akin to 20,000 squats.

How Emsculpt Works

Some people are naturally born with larger glute muscles in approximation to their thighs and waist. Others have to work for it. Lunges and squats, as well as other glute-targeting exercises, can definitely help. However, it is not possible, safe, or wise to attempt 20,000 squats in a single session.

Another issue some clients have is that their thighs bulk up in addition to (or sometimes instead of) their booty. With traditional exercises, it’s impossible to solely target the glutes. Nobody can perform a squat, lunge, or any other booty-centric exercise without also recruiting other muscles. Every body is different, and some prefer to utilize leg muscles rather than the glutes to perform a task.

However, that doesn’t mean a big booty isn’t possible. Emsculpt lets clients target the glutes, and only the glutes, in comfortable and fast sessions. It is the contraction of the muscles which causes small tears. These tears are then naturally repaired by the body, which makes the muscle bigger. Small, safe tears are the key to growing any muscle, including the booty.

In addition to Emsculpt, clients can also help by consuming at least 20 grams of protein immediately after their session. This “feeds” the muscles and helps them heal faster. Some clients prefer to maximize their Emsculpting sessions by adding on CoolSculpting to the thighs or waist. In addition to growing the booty muscles with Emsculpt, freezing away lingering surrounding fat will also make the bum look bigger.

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Emsculpt for the booty is perfect for clients who are at a healthy weight and are not having any luck with traditional weight training. Get a larger, shapelier rear today by contacting RefinedMD at (408) 688-2082.