6 Reasons the Pandemic is the Perfect Time for a Facelift

6 Reasons the Pandemic is the Perfect Time for a Facelift | RefinedMD

6 Reasons the Pandemic is the Perfect Time for a Facelift

In case you didn’t know, the facial cosmetic surgery world is absolutely booming—and in the middle of a pandemic! At RefinedMD, board certified Dr. Sudeep Roy has received an influx of clients interested in facelifts who have realized right now is the perfect time to get the procedure they’ve always wanted. If you’re like most people, undergoing a cosmetic surgery like a facelift isn’t an impulse decision. You’ve likely been thinking about it for a long time.

However, there are always reasons to put off a facelift. Pre-COVID, maybe you had non-stop travel plans and no time for recovery. Perhaps you simply couldn’t take time off work due to the typical in-person “career life” you used to have. Everything has changed with the pandemic, including the flexibility we have to treat ourselves to the procedures we’ve always wanted.

A facelift is the most well-known facial cosmetic surgery. It’s also one of the most-requested. If you’ve been wanting a facelift and think right now might be the time to do it, here are just a few reasons to support that decision:

  • You probably have no travel plans in the near future. If you’re practicing social distancing and staying home as much as possible, that means you have no upcoming travel plans that a facelift might interfere with. There’s no telling when it will be safe to travel again, but it’s understandable that many will want to make up for lost time once travel is allowed again. Make use of the home time you have now to schedule the facelift you want.
  • You can easily disguise recovery in public. Many people are pleasantly surprised to learn just how quickly you look “normal” after a facelift. Even in pre-COVID days, most patients were back to work 1 – 2 weeks after surgery. However, if you want to slip away to the grocery store three days after surgery or otherwise need to be in public, you can simply use a mask that completely covers any signs of a facelift during the recovery period. Nobody will look at your strangely, which means we’re in unprecedented times when it comes to covering up.
  • It’s much easier to hide recovery in Zoom calls. There’s only so much you can do in person (without a mask) to hide the signs of a facelift in recovery. You can manipulate a lot more with Zoom calls. From taking calls outside where you have an excuse to wear a mask to playing with the lighting or even opting into voice-only meetings, it’s pretty easy to take care of business and recover from a facelift at the same time.
  • You have a support system at home. Everyone needs a support system immediately after a facelift surgery. This can be tough to come by in normal times, but right now maybe you’re sharing a home with family or friends who can help you out. Even if your partner is technically working, they’re still just one room away. It’s never been easier to secure a solid home support system than right now.
  • Your body has a chance to rest. Sure, some people go back to work as quickly as possible after a facelift and aren’t bothered by what others might think. They’re still exposing their body to stressors which slow down the healing process. Working from home and minimizing outings means your body simply has less stress and more time to rest and recover. You can squeeze in a nap in the afternoon or sleep in a little later in the morning. The more rested your body is after surgery, the quicker and smoother the recovery.
  • It’s actually a very safe time to opt for surgery. Is surgery even safe during a pandemic? Absolutely, and it’s much safer than almost anywhere else you might go such as the grocery store or restaurant to get takeout! RefinedMD is following all guidance from the CDC and local governments, and we’ve amped up our safety measures during surgery to even higher standards than before. From pre-surgery COVID testing to enhanced sanitation procedures, there’s never been a safer time to opt for surgery.


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