Why Plateaus Happen and How Emsculpt NEO Can Help

Why Plateaus Happen and How Emsculpt NEO Can Help | RefinedMD

Why Plateaus Happen and How Emsculpt NEO Can Help

On your muscle-building and fat-reduction journey, you’re sure to hit a plateau—especially as you get closer to your goals. RefinedMD can help you break through those struggle points with Emsculpt NEO. There are various reasons we plateau, and it’s simply easier to reduce fat cell size and build muscle when you’re starting from scratch. One of the main reasons we plateau is because we do the same workout every day. The body will quickly adjust to what you demand of it, so shaking up your workout is a great way to get closer to your goals. Emsculpt NEO is perfect for this because your body has never experienced this before and once you reach the maintenance stage then Emsculpt NEO is necessary just every few months. That’s plenty of time for your body to “forget” about it and keep your muscle and fat on their toes.

Many people plateau with their muscle-building journey because there comes a point where there’s only so much you can do with old-school strategies. If you’re lifting weights or using fixed-weight machines to get gains, you’re going to “max out” at some point (or injure yourself). Emsculpt NEO takes your body and muscles beyond what it can do by itself, forcing muscles into 20,000 supramaximal contractions in just 30 minutes. That’s a feat nobody could pull off by themselves.

Fat Loss and Emsculpt NEO

The foundation for fat reduction is to consume fewer calories than you need to sustain your current weight and/or “burn” those calories through exercise. However, getting that caloric balance just right gets more and more challenging as you near your goal weight. Consume too few calories or burn too many and you mess up your metabolism as your body goes into starvation mode and clings to calories. At this point it’s nearly impossible to build muscle since your body is directing the calories you’re consuming to keeping you alive.

There’s another issue with diet and exercise for weight control: this approach can only reduce the size of fat cells, not destroy them. For years liposuction was the only means of removing fat cells for good, but it’s surgery with inherent downtime and risks. Emsculpt NEO combines the muscle-building power of the original Emsculpt with radiofrequency technology to actually burn away small areas of fat for contouring and sculpting. It allows for real target fat reduction to help you break through that stubborn plateau and get to the next level.

Are These Plateaus Plaguing You? Emsculpt NEO to the Rescue!

Training too hard is a common plateau-maker. Running yourself into the ground can lead to injuries, energy loss and fatigue, headaches, and destroys your immune system. The body needs rest to repair and grow muscles. However, Emsculpt NEO lets you keep up with your demanding fitness while simultaneously letting the body rest. The technology does the work for you so you can rest easy knowing that muscles are growing and fat is burning, while also giving yourself a break. This makes Emsculpt NEO the perfect option for rest days.

On the other hand, not pushing yourself hard enough is also troublesome. If you’re not sweating, you’re not challenged, and if you’re just on autopilot at the gym, you’re not achieving much. Emsculpt NEO is a great complement to workout routines because there’s no way your body can zone out during your treatment. Everyone needs a little push sometimes, and Emsculpt NEO can make this happen even on days when you take it easy at the gym.

Start Your Emsculpt NEO Sessions Today

Emsculpt is a non-surgical means of using high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to deeply stimulate muscle contraction in a way that isn’t possible through workouts. Add in that radiofrequency heating and that’s when fat reduction is kick-started. If you’ve been struggling to get to the next level on your fitness journey (or want to get it started!), a series of Emsculpt NEO sessions can be the perfect solution.

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