Nutrafol Men’s (Single and 3 Pack)


This nutritional supplement has been proven to increase hair growth and improve hair quality. It is physician formulated and 100% drug-free. This supplement has been specially formulated for men with thinning hair. Note: it will not grow hair in areas that are already bald. Available in two sizes – 120 capsules, or 3 bottle kit each containing 120 capsules.

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120 Capsules, 3 x 120 Capsules


Improves hair growth, thickness, and scalp coverage. With visibly less shedding after two months. Clinically effective nutraceutical. Natural and 100% drug free. CONTAINS: 120 CAPSULESDAILY DOSAGE: 4 CAPSULES

Full Ingredients

21 powerful ingredients for better hair growth.
Featuring Synergen Complex®, a proprietary blend of clinically effective ingredients formulated with unique ratios shown to improve hair growth and quality.

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