Put a Stop to the Fall 15 with Emsculpt NEO

Put a Stop to the Fall 15 with Emsculpt NEO | RefinedMD, Los Gatos

Put a Stop to the Fall 15 with Emsculpt NEO

You don’t need to be a college freshman to struggle with the dreaded 15 pounds come autumn time. As the weather cools down and it becomes easier to hide extra pounds under chunky sweaters, it’s natural to slip a little when it comes to exercise and a healthy diet. With Emsculpt NEO, you can put a stop to those unwanted cold-weather pounds—and even look more svelte than your summer self! It’s the next generation of Emsculpt, now capable not only of building muscle but also of burning away fat. Let’s take a look at how it works and why it’s this year’s must-have autumn accessory.

The first iteration of Emsculpt forced the targeted muscles into 20,000 supramaximal contractions in just half an hour. Emsculpt NEO does the same, but with something extra. The muscle-building facet of Emsculpt NEO allows your muscles to perform the equivalent of 20,000 crunches, pushups, lunges, squats, or other common strength-building routine while you kick back and relax. This means you’ll need to feed those muscles after your Emsculpt NEO session because (as far as your muscles are concerned), you really did just do 20,000 reps! You can get Emsculpt NEO on the legs, abs, upper arms, buttocks, and all other of the most commonly targeted places.

Of course, Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO don’t provide immediate results. Muscles require time in order to get bigger and stronger. Initial Emsculpt NEO sessions are typically spaced a few weeks apart and clients require 3 – 6 of these appointments for optimal results. Maintenance appointments every six months can help you achieve sustained results. However, bigger muscles are just part of sculpting and contouring your body. Without fat management, those newly toned muscles won’t be visible.

The Emsculpt NEO Difference

Emsculpt NEO packs all the power of the original Emsculpt with the added benefit of radiofrequency fat-burning. This means that fat burned away with Emsculpt NEO is gone for good and those fat cells won’t “grow back” (however, nearby fat cells can expand into the treated area, so weight management is critical for anyone—even those who get Emsculpt NEO). Emsculpt NEO isn’t a “weight loss” treatment, but rather a means of sculpting the body via fat blasting. Emsculpt NEO doesn’t take any longer than the original Emsculpt sessions because muscle-building and fat-burning take place at the same time.

Emsculpt NEO is completely non-invasive with no needles or downtime required. The sensation can feel a little strange for first-timers, but most clients scroll through their phones, catch up on work, or stream a show during their session. You will feel sore a day or two after your appointment because DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is going to occur whether you work out your muscles at the gym or with Emsculpt NEO. Drinking BCAA-infused water before, during, and after the treatment can help with that soreness, but keep in mind that muscles feeling sore is a sign that they’re rebuilding stronger and bigger.

Why Emsculpt NEO Now?

Emsculpt NEO is very popular during the summer months, but savvy clients know that undergoing these treatments in autumn and winter is actually ideal. Remember, you’ll need a few initial sessions and after your last session your muscles will still be growing and fat will still be burning away. It’s common to see full results 4 – 6 months after your last session. This means that if you start Emsculpt NEO now, you’ll have full results by spring and just in time to kick off midriff and swimsuit season. Plus, you’ll enjoy the winter months watching your body get stronger and more toned. This might even be the year you try out a cropped sweatshirt during the holidays!

If you love Emsculpt already, you’re not going to believe the difference Emsculpt NEO makes. And if you’re new to the Emsculpt technology? You definitely need to be introduced to the latest technology and innovation. The vast majority of people will benefit from both muscle-building and fat reduction, especially when you can target exactly which muscles are worked and where fat is burned. Discover the Emsculpt NEO difference today at RefinedMD. Simply call the office to schedule your consultation or appointment, or for a quicker response fill out the online form.