Real Housewives Star Emily Simpson Shows Off Facelift

Housewives Star Emily Simpson Shows Off Facelift | RefinedMD

Real Housewives Star Emily Simpson Shows Off Facelift

After “completely losing her jaw,” as Emily Simpson put it, the reality star is showing off the results of her gorgeous facelift on Instagram. Facelifts are one of the most-requested cosmetic surgeries at RefinedMD, with many patients opting to combine plastic surgery with non-surgical treatments to extend and amplify results (such as chemical peels). Simpson recently shared before and after pics with her 600,000 followers after spending the past few years being transparent about her struggles with body image while on Bravo. She reports that she got a mini lower face lift, which inherently comes with a neck lift, and praised her doctor’s “meticulous and top-tier work.”

Simpson is in her 40s, making her an ideal candidate for a “mini” lift, which is much like a full facelift but with fewer and shorter incisions. It is a fantastic choice for those who are noticing earlier signs of aging and want to turn back the clock. A mini lift offers results that last for about five years on average and can be a great precursor to a full facelift. Plus, as a less invasive surgery, it requires less downtime. Although Simpson was concerned about the many signs of aging that a facelift can address, she was most concerned about her jawline—or lack thereof. She blames the problem on “being middle-aged, gaining 30 pounds and then losing it, [and] menopause.” Simpson expounds, “Who knows what the exact culprit is, but a couple years ago I was watching myself on TV, and to my utter surprise I realized that I had completely lost my jawline.”

Why Simpson Loves Her Results

Simpson did her research when selecting a surgeon near her. A top priority was to ensure she still looked like herself—but younger, healthier, and happier. This wasn’t Simpson’s first experience with plastic surgery, so she knew what to look for in a doctor. She had a tummy tuck and breast implant removal in 2020, then in 2021 she had fat transfer to her breasts to try to take the place of the former implants. Simpson says she also had another surgery which she hasn’t revealed to the public yet, but will soon.

At the end of her long post, Simpson wrote a message for other women that is rich with body positivity:

Also, just a reminder that all women are allowed to choose what they do with their bodies and how they would like to age. From completely natural to surgery … it’s up to each woman.

She also stressed that even though she’s a fan of plastic surgery, she is still committed to a fitness regimen. After all, procedures are a complement to a healthy lifestyle, not a replacement. “I still work out hard and work out consistently, but once you reach a certain age there are just things you cannot change naturally,” she wrote. “I choose a combo approach.”

What Fans and Friends Say About Simpson

Many of Simpson’s friends commented on her post to offer support, with McKenzei Westmore writing, “You look amazing!” A fan was thankful for Simpson’s honesty about her facelift. “Love [sic] thanks for the honestly…oh and mentioning the word MENOPAUSE,” wrote the Housewives viewer.

Undergoing a facelift is no easy decision, and it’s critical that anyone choosing to have one do their homework and choose a surgeon who is board-certified and specializes in the surgery they are considering. Today’s facelift techniques are cutting-edge, providing long-lasting and dramatic results that still look natural. Much of this has to do with addressing the tissue below the skin as well as removing a small amount of excess skin on the surface. Re-draping skin over-manipulated, deeper tissues is the key to beautiful results like Simpson’s. Make sure you look at a surgeon’s before and after photos to figure out the quality of their work. A great surgeon will be happy to show these photos.

Getting a Facelift

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