Scar Removal Treatment for a New Decade

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Scar Removal Treatment for a New Decade

Scars are the sign of a life fully lived—but what if you didn’t have to see those reminders every day? RefinedMD offers the latest treatments for scar removal so you can welcome 2020 with confidence and flawless skin. Minimize scarring with one of our many treatments for scars, including state of the art laser skin rejuvenation.

Different Lasers for Different Goals

We’re proud to have one of the biggest collections of lasers in the area, and are always adding new, advanced technology to our suite. The right laser treatment can reduce acne scars, trauma scars, and even keloid scars. Fractional lasers, erbium lasers, and CO2 lasers are three of the most effective options for scar treatment, but every patient—and scar—is unique. A personalized regimen will be designed just for you to achieve the best results.

Depending on the type of scar, hot or cold lasers may be recommended (or a combination of both) and every patient will require a series of treatments. This is because laser skin rejuvenation works by expertly damaging the skin to encourage healing. However, lasers are non-invasive which means no additional incisions or risks of infection. Every session can treat a maximum of 30 percent of the scarred area.

In some cases, the best approach is surgical removal of a scar. This is strictly for big, raised scars and is recommended if an old scar didn’t heal correctly. Following surgical revision, you may be a candidate for laser skin therapy in order to further reduce the scar’s visibility.

All these treatments work well in conjunction with microneedling. Microneedling is an approach that places expert micro-injuries in the skin to encourage natural healing. Little injuries rush blood to the surface of the trauma site, and blood is full of healing platelets. Injuries also make the body produce collagen in the damaged area, which is critical for fast and effective healing.

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If you want to minimize scarring, increase confidence, and reclaim your skin, consider your many options for scar reduction treatment. Contact RefinedMD today at (408) 688-2082 to schedule your consultation.