Want to Try CoolSculpting But Heard You Won’t Get Results? Here’s Why—and What to do About It

Want to Try CoolSculpting But Heard You Won’t Get Results? | RefinedMD

Want to Try CoolSculpting But Heard You Won’t Get Results? Here’s Why—and What to do About It

There’s a good chance you know someone who had CoolSculpting, the revolutionary body contouring treatment that’s non-invasive. It’s one of the most popular treatments at RefinedMD for those who want body sculpting without any downtime. However, there’s also a very good chance that those you know who got CoolSculpting and loved the results are keeping it a secret! After all, why wouldn’t they? Unlike liposuction or other surgical venues for vanquishing fat, you can get CoolSculpting treatments in just 30 minutes without any need for recovery. CoolSculpting can be your little secret, and you can leave your friends wondering what you’re doing to get that svelte profile.

Or you may have a friend who tried CoolSculpting and swore they didn’t see any results. This might have turned you off of CoolSculpting, but don’t let this keep you from getting the contoured body you deserve. There are a few reasons why you may have heard CoolSculpting “doesn’t work.” The reality is that CoolSculpting is proven to work. In fact, it was discovered by accident when researchers in the 1970s wanted to figure out why kids who ate a lot of Popsicles had less fat in their cheeks (spoiler alert: certain freezing temperatures kill targeted fat). Let’s discuss a few reasons why your friend says or thinks CoolSculpting didn’t work for them.

Busting CoolSculpting Myths

You’re going to need more than one CoolSculpting session. Everyone does. The exact number of treatments will depend on your goals, the amount of fat you have, and how your body responds to the treatment. The average number of treatments necessary per site is 3 – 6. However, some people don’t get the right number of treatments. Maybe the person they trusted with treatments isn’t experienced enough to recommend the right number of treatments. Maybe they found a “deal” for CoolSculpting online and simply stopped when their package ran out rather than abiding by the recommended treatment sessions amount. Regardless of the reason, if a person doesn’t get the right number of CoolSculpting treatments to reach their goals, then they’re not going to see the results they want.

Another reason someone might say they didn’t see results is that CoolSculpting is a slow and steady process. It is not a weight loss procedure, but rather a means of sculpting your body when you’re at or near goal weight. When it comes to sculpting, changes are subtle. The scale might not budge at all after a successful CoolSculpting treatment regimen and that’s completely fine! What matters are the inches. A good CoolSculpting expert will take before, during, and after photos and also your measurements. You could weigh the same but lose an inch in your waist and thighs with CoolSculpting. However, this change takes place over the weeks and months following the sessions, so you might not “see” the difference with your eyes. But a tape measurer never lies.

The Reality of CoolSculpting

Your friend might think they didn’t have any results because they expected to see them too soon. Many people do see results three months after their final CoolSculpting treatment, but others require more time. CoolSculpting “freezes” away unwanted pockets of fat, but it takes time for that fat to die and be absorbed and expelled by the body. It’s quite possible that they said they saw no results at three months but loved their results at six or nine months.

Finally, bear in mind that CoolSculpting still requires a healthy diet and exercise. You can certainly gain fat while undergoing CoolSculpting if your diet or exercise habits change for the worse. CoolSculpting is a tool that complements a healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t replace it. The same goes for Emsculpt, another body contouring procedure that builds and strengthens muscles while also busting fat. Many people opt for these two treatments in tandem and that’s a great double whammy. However, even combining CoolSculpting with Emsculpt can’t undo poor diet and exercise habits.

So, does CoolSculpting work? Absolutely, but it does require patience and the willingness to stick with recommended sessions for your unique goals. Ready to learn more or schedule a complimentary consultation? Call RefinedMD today at (408) 688-2082.