Sia Debuts Facelift

Sia Debuts Facelift

Of all the celebrities you might think would avoid dishing about what they’ve “had done,” Sia might be top of the list. The singer, who is renowned for literally hiding her face for years, recently revealed the results of a gorgeous facelift and talked to the press about her decision. At RefinedMD, we are all about loving yourself, pampering yourself, and doing what feels right for you to boost confidence. That’s why we love that Sia is speaking up about her facelift, further helping to de-stigmatize the idea of cosmetic surgery.

According to the Australian singer during the 5th annual Daytime Beauty Awards gala in California, she said, “I’m a pop star that normally hides my face and doesn’t lie about s*&T. I got an amazing facelift.” So, why exactly did she open up at this moment? She had agreed to present the award for Outstanding Achievement in Medicine for surgeons practicing in southern California. Sia says, “I was showing someone in the back [of the stage] my before and afters right before I came on. People go, ‘You look nice.’” This is, actually, one of the best compliments anyone can receive when they get the right facelift where nobody can tell you’ve had a surgical procedure, but they can certainly tell you look beautiful, younger, healthier, and more rested.

Facelifts Can Stop the Hiding

Of course, few people go to the same degrees as Sia has in the past to avoid showing their face or being recognized. The singer recently revealed on an interview with Apple Music 1 that the blonde wig she wore for years in public to conceal her face created “a little bubble.” She goes on to explain,

When I got sober is when I put the wig on my face and that’s when I had in-ears and wig and I’m just like, ‘It’s like I’m in a little bubble with myself.’ But now that I know that that’s what’s going on, I think maybe one day I’ll do a show with my face out again and have a little fun talking to the audience and being heckled and getting pregnant again because those shows were really fun back in the day before I had the wig on.

Although the facelift is the biggest and latest reveal for the singer, she recently also shared that she has previously undergone liposuction—once on her chin, which she blames on insecurity. Unfortunately for Sia, the chin liposuction was not with such a renowned doctor. She thought she was getting a double chin, and an unnamed surgeon agreed to lipo the area. Once the operation was done, she figured out it was actually very strong muscles from her career as a singer. Once you remove fat via lipo, there’s no putting it back.

A reputable surgeon would never make such a mistake. Plus, for those who actually do have a double chin due to excess fat, there is a non-surgical solution: Kybella. The appearance of a double chin can be from many things including, of course fat, sagging skin, and in some rarer cases like a professional singer’s, muscle. Sia says, “I was so insecure.” The lipo she got on her stomach was no better, which she described as botched. “I did that [subpar lipo] to myself because I was so insecure and finally, I’m stopping doing any of that.”

Cosmetic surgeries and treatments can certainly help with insecurity, but it requires a patient to be in a healthy mindset and working with a skilled and board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in the treatments being considered. Liposuction anywhere on the body or face is a big decision because, unlike diet and exercise, when fat is removed with lipo (or Kybella, which dissolves fat), it’s gone for good. In small areas where just the right amount of fat needs to be removed, like below the eyes or the chin, exceptional talent and training is needed—and that’s what you’ll find at RefinedMD. If you are considering a facelift, getting rid of a double chin, or any other such treatment, trust only the best to have your back. Contact RefinedMD today by calling the office or completing the online form.