Smart Graft, Because Sometimes Smaller Is Better

Smart Graft, Because Sometimes Smaller Is Better | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Smart Graft, Because Sometimes Smaller Is Better

Most people know what a hair transplant is, and it’s a serious surgery that requires ample downtime. RefinedMD has an alternative: The Smart Graft. Hair transplants clearly work because they take sections of your scalp with a lot of hair follicles (usually close to the neck) and “transplant” these to areas where you want hair (usually around the crown and forehead). However, transplant surgery requires shaving parts of the head, and sometimes all of it, as well as a generous recovery period. There are scars that need to heal, and for those with long hair, it can take years for hair to grow back.

Women have especially shied away from hair transplants because they don’t want to deal with shaved heads and waiting years to recover hair length. With Smart Graft, you get the same results but with no major surgery. Instead of transplanting sections of the scalp, hair follicles are transplanted one at a time. The incisions are so tiny, they require virtually no downtime and nobody will see them.

But doesn’t this take a long time? It certainly can, but great things are worth waiting for. However, with experts like Dr. Roy taking care of you, you’ll be surprised by how quickly the process can go. As hairs are transplanted, you’re part of the team and can watch the whole process. This is critical because you’re in charge of the revitalized hairline and can dictate hair thickness and specifics of your new hairline.

The Smart Graft is simply smarter and helps you avoid unnecessary risks associated with surgery. Plus, your “new” hair is all yours and can immediately be treated as such. You won’t need to shave your head, lose any length, or worry about scars. Of course, just like with hair transplants, you will need enough available hair follicles for the procedure.

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