Sofwave Named “Best Non-Invasive Cellulite Treatment” of the Year

Sofwave Named “Best Non-Invasive Cellulite Treatment” this Year

Sofwave Named “Best Non-Invasive Cellulite Treatment” of the Year

Congratulations to Sofwave, which was named the 2023 “Best Non-Invasive Treatment for Cellulite” by NewBeauty. We couldn’t agree more, and at RefinedMD we love how Sofwave helps out clients achieve the beauty and confidence they deserve through a non-invasive therapy. Sofwave is one of the leaders in energy-based non-invasive treatments on the market, and the award comes after last year’s title of “Best in Latest Ultrasound” technology. Sofwave is relatively new, but might not be considered the “latest” anymore—and for many clients, that’s a good thing. Sofwave has proven itself, and now it’s here to help you get the smooth, youthful skin you love.

NewBeauty itself is a leader in the aesthetic market when it comes to testing, ranking, and recommending products and treatments. Now in its 13th award year, the company tested over 10,000 products and treatments all while getting insights from experts and leading doctors (as well as celebs!). The result was 399 recommended products that stood out above and beyond the rest. Only one could win the award for best non-invasive cellulite treatment, and that went to Sofwave over any other procedure or product.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a harmless condition that affects over 90 percent of women and some men. It is most common in the buttocks and thigh area, and presents as an orange peel appearance or dimpling. Cellulite can vary in severity, and even though it’s perfectly normal (over 90 percent of women have it after all!) it can really put a damper on your summer plans and self-esteem. Cellulite is the cause for many women wearing board shorts or cover-ups at the beach and not fully enjoying their time at the beach, lakes, or pools.

For years, there were products marketed to fix cellulite. Topicals are typically just moisturizers, and of course skin is going to look better and smoother when it’s hydrated. But these topicals don’t actually get rid of cellulite and subtly improve the appearance at best. This is because cellulite occurs below the skin’s surface. It is caused when fat gets pushed through hardened fibrous bands or connective tissue. It can happen to anyone of any size, and many slender young celebs have been spotted with cellulite. However, since fat is a factor, this is why cellulite is more common in women and in naturally fatty areas like the buttocks and thighs. Losing weight usually doesn’t help or improve cellulite.

What Does Help Cellulite

For many years, the only way to actually tackle cellulite was with a slow, exacting surgery in which the bands causing the appearance of cellulite were snipped. Any surgery comes with risks and scars (albeit small). However, even this surgery isn’t forever because bands will eventually reconnect. Today, fortunately, there are other quicker options that are non-invasive, including Sofwave. The CEO of Sofwave says of the award,

We are delighted to see Sofwave’s new indication for our latest game-changing ultrasound technology recognized by the industry. To be voted best-in-class in an awards category two years in a row, amongst a field of over 10,000 products annually, is truly an honor. Additionally, with over 50,000 pulse treatments conducted in 2022, we are proud to see both practitioners, patients and the media alike embrace SUPERB™ treatments. With this in mind, we are even more excited for what the new year will bring!

Sofwave works on cellulite via high-frequency ultrasonic pulses that ideally heat up the dermis layer of the skin. This causes controlled thermal damage. During the healing process, elastin and collagen is produced, which causes the skin to improve in laxity, tautness, and ultimately lessen or remove the appearance of cellulite. In other words, Sofwave is more than a cellulite treatment. It can tone and tighten so you can turn back the clock. It’s the ideal summer treatment because there is no downtime so no need to skip that upcoming vacation—and results will start to show before the end of the season.

If you would like to learn more about Sofwave or other skin treatments for the summer, get in touch today. We will put together a customized regimen plan just for you. Call RefinedMD during business hours or for an even faster response complete the online contact form right now.