Sun Damage: Is It Too Late?

Sun Damage: Is It Too Late? | RefinedMD, Los Gatos + San Jose

Sun Damage: Is It Too Late?

If you’re an adult, the chances are slim that your parents diligently slathered you in sunscreen and reapplied it every 75 minutes throughout your childhood and teen years. At RefinedMD, there are a variety of treatments available to correct sun damage that occurred as a child as well as products to fully protect you moving forward. It’s never too late to correct much of the sun damage you’ve suffered, and it’s certainly not too late to start a quality skin protection regimen now.

The most important factor in addressing sun damage is a mole check to ensure there are no cancerous or pre-cancerous areas. There are three types of skin cancer, but all are relatively easy to treat quickly—when caught early. Although those with fair skin and a lot of moles are the most at-risk for skin cancer, anyone of any age or skin tone can develop skin cancer. It’s just as important to see your dermatologist every year for a skin check as it is to see your dentist or general physician every year.

However, what brings most people to a dermatologist is concern over skin’s appearance. Acne and sun damage are two of the most common complaints, usually because it appears on the face. Your face is your first impression to the world, and if it reveals sun damage via age spots, premature wrinkles, and lines, or other types of hyperpigmentation, it can decrease confidence.

One of the best ways to treat sun damage, including hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, is through laser skin resurfacing. The type of laser and number of treatments will vary based on your skin, the severity of the damage, and your goals. That’s why RefinedMD features between 20 – 30 lasers at any given time, and we’re always on top of the latest technology so that clients achieve the best results.

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Chemical peels and microneedling treatments can also be fantastic tools to treat sun damage. A customized plan is crafted for each client because everyone is different and deserves one-of-a-kind treatments. Simultaneously, a sun protection regimen can be personalized. This includes the best sunscreen protection that is effective and safe for both you and the environment. To start your journey towards healthier and protected skin today, contact RefinedMD.