Target Muscle Toning without Bulking Up Elsewhere

Target Muscle Toning without Bulking Up Elsewhere | RefinedMD

Target Muscle Toning without Bulking Up Elsewhere

No exercise exists which targets a muscle without also depending on nearby “helper” muscles to also get toned—until now. Emsculpt, the latest procedure at RefinedMD, is a workout without a sweat. The revolutionary technology forces targeted muscles to contract in rapid succession with a handheld device. It is identical to what happens to muscles in a weightlifting or strengthening session, but with absolutely no effort for the client.

Tone Up With Emsculpt!

Usually when a person wants to “tone up,” what they really mean is they want to increase the muscle size of a specific muscle. For example, the three glutes are very popular and in-demand muscles both men and women would like to size up. However, some people do not also want the helper muscles (called synergists) to become larger at the same time. Increasing the size of the glutes in a traditional manner often includes lunges, squats, and leg lifts. All of these movements demand that nearby muscles, such as those in the thighs, help. But what if a person doesn’t want their thighs to become larger? More importantly for some clients, what if they don’t have the time or desire to stick to a strict lifting regimen?

How Emsculpt Works

Emsculpt provides high-intensity, focused electromagnetic forces that demand supramaximal muscle contractions of the targeted muscles. Currently, Emsculpt for muscle toning is specifically designed for the glutes and the abs. Supramaximal contractions are what muscles experience during weight training. These contractions cause tiny, natural tears in the muscle fiber which then requires the body to heal. The healing process is where muscle mass is built. Many patients experience muscle soreness after an Emsculpt session similar to DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after a good workout.

However, unlike even the best of workouts, a single 30-minute Emsculpt session is the equivalent to 20,000 sets of lunges, squats, or sit-ups. Nobody has the time or endurance to achieve in a gym workout what Emsculpt does. Learn more and connect with RefinedMD today to book your consultation – (408) 688-2082.