The “Canthal Tilt” and Brow Lifts

The “Canthal Tilt” and Brow Lifts

If you haven’t heard of the Canthal Tilt, then social media algorithms haven’t picked up on your content cravings (yet). A recent Tik Tok trend has users calculating what’s called their “canthal tilt,” which is the angle of the outer corner of the eyes when compared to the horizontal plane of the face. Everyone has some degree of this tilt, and it can vary drastically person to person. When someone has a more positive canthal tilt, the outer corners of their eye angle slightly upward. This look is often associated as being more feminine, sexy, and youthful. For those with a naturally positive canthal tilt, they might notice this area sagging with age—in which case an eyelid lift, brow lift, or both might be able to help. At RefinedMD, many clients combine these surgeries in order to turn back the clock and achieve a more youthful appearance in this area.

You can also have a naturally negative canthal tilt, which is perfectly normal—but berated on Tik Tok. When eyes slope more downward at the corners, it can give the appearance of “sad eyes,” an organic aesthetic which enjoyed its own hey day. You only need to look to a young Marlon Brando to see a negative canthal tilt that is undeniably attractive but, of course, he also presented as hyper-masculine in films. On the other hand, Marilyn Monroe also had a negative canthal tilt. Having a positive tilt doesn’t inherently make someone more attractive, but there is no use in telling that to the social media throngs. Still, regardless of your natural tilt, it is important to remember that everyone will start to lean more negatively with age, which can cause an unattractive appearance regardless of your “original” canthal tilt angle.

Social Media and Surgery

The canthal tilt craze isn’t just reserved for Tik Tok. There are many Reddit posts in which users share their journey trying to get a positive canthal tilt. It is popularly said on such forums that those with positive tilts have “predator eyes” while those with negative tilts have “prey eyes.” Obviously, there are many inherent dangers when assigning natural features as good or bad, and that can extend to conversations in plastic surgery offices. Although most people trying to change their tilt stick with DIY options which rarely work, this has also led to an onslaught of very young adults trying to get this look via surgery. Just look to the “fox eyes” trend of last year.

Part of a cosmetic surgeon’s job is to assess the motivation behind a client’s surgical request. Of course, by nature, cosmetic surgery is elective. There are many clients who seek out an eyelid lift and/or brow lift because they are tired of looking tired. They want to look younger, happier, and healthier. If they are overall healthy and have reasonable expectations for the outcome, these clients are often considered good candidates for surgery. However, if a client presents as wanting the surgery on a whim or strictly shares inspiration photos gleaned from hashtags like #predatoreyes, a surgeon will probably spend a little more time educating them on the realities of surgery as well as the recovery necessities.

A good surgeon will not accept a client who exclusively wants to chase social media trends or the effects of a filter. There was a surge of such surgeries in the past couple of years with the fox eye lift, which is a customized type of lateral brow lift that results in a very exaggerated tilt of the outer eye and brow. It is a modification of a regular lateral brow lift that may not complement a person’s other features or be desired by the client in the future. Some surgeons also point out that trends like the fox eye lift or extreme positive canthal tilt are also sometimes a form of cultural appropriation. In fact, some Asians have reported an increase in micro-aggressions on the heels of the fox eye lift.

Is a Brow or Eyelid Lift for You?

All this being said, it’s also important to bear in mind that a positive canthal lift, to some degree, is nothing new. Cosmetic surgery is reflective of beauty standards that have been upheld for decades. After all, there has never been a “breast drop,” it’s always a breast lift. Achieving a more upward movement for both the face and body is generally going to result in a more youthful appearance. The trick is knowing when it has gone too far.

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